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For You meet him with the blessings of goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon his head. Psalm 21:3

After saving us from eternal perdition, Jesus’ greatest work was to make us kings and priests to God and His Father (Rev. 1.6). The Lord also bestowed upon us the blessings of His goodness and put on our heads a crown of fine gold. He himself anointed us as rulers over our dominion; therefore we are able to use such authority. After all, we were made children of God.

Pay attention to the beginning of the verse: we have been blessed with divine goodness. What and how many? Well, we’ve already discovered a lot in Scripture, and certainly they contain what we need. We need not worry about the promises that men make and do not keep, but trust God’s promises and make them. The faithfulness of the Lord is absolute!

We can believe that such gifts refer to those we will need while on Earth. For example, if you need healing, believe that it is already guaranteed by the Heavenly Father. Then pray with the conviction that the evil has been overcome. In the Name of Jesus, rebuke what bothers him and order his immediate exit and symptoms.

If you live oppressed because of the difficult financial situation, without enjoying prosperity, and around you there is only misery, debt, and a lack of conditions to change the picture, take courage in the promise of the Most High and, in sincere prayer, demand that oppression leave you. his way and the times of abundance provided by Christ, when he paid the price of his deliverance. The prosperity of the Christian is pleasing to the Most High (Ps. 35:27).

Having a large and powerful family is the right of those who put their trust in the Almighty, for it is part of the group of blessings of kindness that their ascension to the Kingdom of Heaven brought them. Because they are related to your well-being, take possession of them, so that you lack nothing and be a better servant of the beloved Lord.

I think the greatest benefit to be claimed and used is authority over the forces of evil. Without it, we would be angry to see the evil one attack us and find that nothing has changed even after we pray. We are God’s people not only in words but also in virtues necessary to our happiness. A servant without the ability to fulfill his obligation will not be the joy of the Lord. The Most High has given us power for this, but we must act and seek His help.

Wake up! God does not lie. Your children can participate in His wonders. Never pay attention to any voice that says, “You will not be blessed.” What is written in the Holy Book holds and must be accepted. This was decided by the Lord; therefore, no one and nothing can stop you from living at the highest level!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Father, the one who honors the Word! No matter what this reader has been in life. Your invitation to receive you in order to be relieved has always stood. Even if he is the worst person, he will be free from his evils.

It is time for this person to put an end to the temptation that insists on saying that there is no way for them. In infinite goodness, You have provided it with Your blessings, and the greatest of them is forgiveness and reconciliation. Makes her a new creature.

We thank you for your faithfulness and your love, allowing us to live and enjoy the eternal salvation achieved by Jesus. I pray that everyone will be free from sins. Thus Thou shalt put upon the head of each the crown of fine gold. Amen!


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