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The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and great in mercy. Psalm 145:8

As we study our God, we immediately see His good characteristics, which set Him apart from anyone else. One of these qualities is being gracious, of good character. He is so much bigger than our mind can perceive. Our words cannot express how magnificent He is. His benevolence is much more than man needs. Unfortunately, few seek to know Him.

The Lord is holy (1 Peter 1:16) and does not want anyone to be lost (2 Peter 3:9b) or fall into the web of sin. Once trapped in them, the individual will never be free by himself. Of course, before committing the mistake, he can refuse to obey the devil. However, when God’s Law is broken, those who allow themselves to be ruled by temptations become victims of Satan. In that case, only the Lord’s mercy to deliver them!

The Creator’s benevolence is so big that it made Him give His Only Son to suffer and die for humanity as his Replacement, for man had separated himself from God because of Adam’s sin. This characteristic concerns the Lord’s ability to not look at man as a disgusting being because he has transgressed.

The mercies of the holy God are the reason we are not consumed (Lamentations 3:22). They can be understood as a feeling of solidarity to those who have fallen into sin and destroyed themselves forever. Such was the human race before Christ became flesh (John 1:14). He was a man like any other, but by having compassion on us, He allowed us to know our heavenly Father. The Messiah was born of a virgin to go to the altar of Calvary and be sacrificed in our place. Jesus did what was necessary!

The two qualities presented are the portrait of our God, who is slow to anger. No matter how much we provoke Him, He will never fail to have compassion on us, because He does not want us to perish. If the Church fails to show His character, it will be guilty of the perdition of millions of people. It is our duty to make people know the Truth (John 8:32)!

God is long-suffering when it comes to forgiving offenses. This gives us the assurance that we can go to Him in times of difficulty, when, by action or omission, we do what we shouldn’t have done. It is impossible to compare Him to a god made or invented by some religion. The only God is merciful in every way. If we repent of our mistakes, we will be forgiven (1 John 1:9).

Given what we understand in this Psalm, we can be safe in the Almighty. However, in no way allow yourself to make any mistakes, even if you trust the heart of the Lord. Those who abuse the divine virtues may not really repent and will be condemned forever. Be alert!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of love, kindness and mercy! Those who seek You according to Your Word will receive forgiveness as if they had never sinned. You are much better than what people talk about You. You are holy!

We come to You to say that we have stumbled and wish to receive the help we so much need. Besides having an exemplary character, You are merciful. This leads us to believe that You show solidarity with those who have fallen from grace. You are a holy!

Lift us up, for You are slow to anger. We confess that we have been wrong with our thoughts, words and deeds. Do not let us suffer far from You, but if we are embraced in Your love, we will be transformed. You are a holy!


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