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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Galatians 5:22

God gave us His Spirit to carry out His work, using the qualities produced by Him in us, His children. The work is done by the Lord in partnership with us. He sows the seed on the good ground, which is what Jesus called us (Matthew 13:8). The fruit is divided into nine virtues, and the love of God is the first to be produced. What a privilege!

The second is joy – happiness. Those who walk in the Spirit will always have this alternative to fight sadness, apathy or melancholy. The Holy Spirit dwells in us, so that we may serve God with a joyful heart. Now the gain is obviously ours; after all, a merry heart does good, like medicine (Proverbs 17:22)! Therefore, live in the presence of the Lord and make use of this virtue to heal yourself from any evil.

Peace is of paramount importance to our relationship with our brothers and sisters. It helps us to evangelize the toughest hearts. Jesus said that He gave us His peace, and no one would take it from us (John 14:27). With this peace, marriages endure and receive good remarks. This is wonderful for the children and the couple. Such peace helps us mentally and physically.

Long-suffering is one of the best works of the Spirit of God in our lives. It can be understood as patience, which is necessary to attain the blessings promised in the Scriptures. With the lack of longsuffering, diseases, pains and various evils and sufferings arise in our life. Those who are long-suffering live longer, and have a more happy and successful life. 

Kindness shows whose children we are, for just as the Lord is recognized by the good character, so will we. We can translate this aspect of the fruit of the Spirit as the kind hope, which takes care of our heart, or the hopeful kindness, which helps us to sustain some injuries and continue praying for the conversion of its authors.

The sixth work is kindness, in which our deeds must be involved. The man of God cannot be evil not even once, even if somebody oppresses him. Because it is produced by the Most High, kindness is a very powerful weapon against the hatred that subjugates religions and the filthy will of some people who are always attempting to take advantage of us.

Now we will see the faith, not the one capable of giving us power to command the obstacles to move out of our way and into the sea. But the one that can be translated into faithfulness, respect to our spouse and the others, to the Word and those naive or mentally weak.

The eighth work is meekness. It causes us to first examine anything and then say whether it is of God or not. We need this ability so much in order not to rush to claim that something comes from the Most High and then realize that we proceeded wrongly. With it, you will surely please the Lord.

Finally, we have temperance or self-control. How many people, when they became involved in sinful practices, were labeled as unfaithful, adulterers, or liars? Self-control will make you a true servant of God, for nothing will drive you into rashness.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We thank You for thinking of succoring us in the weakness of the flesh, allowing us to be connected to You so that we do not fall into sin. It rejoices us to know that the fruit of the Spirit, with its nine virtues, will never be lacking to us.

Our testimony in times of temptation or trial depends on what we do with Your commandments. If we fulfill them, your Spirit will produce that which is necessary in us so that we live victoriously and not draw away from your plan.

We do not have to strive to produce Your fruit, but we must accept Your offer and action, without deviating from them. May we never leave Your work, to try to improve by our flesh, for such is not good. Amen!


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