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28/04/2020 - WALK IN THE WAY OF LOVE

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and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5:2

Nothing is more productive and healthy than living as an imitator of God, acting like Jesus, who only did what he saw the Father accomplish (John 5:19). To be sure that your actions are approved by the Lord, start by assuming what you feel as you meditate on the Word regarding God’s will for your life. Soon you will begin to see everything as the Master saw it. This will not be with the natural eyes, but with the spiritual, according to the Scriptures.

We are God’s beloved children when we love Him — we have and keep His commandments. At first, as you have never been close to the Lord, your mind does not understand this matter well. But when you come to love Him, good things happen in your life, proving that He loves you too. Jesus will do great things in and for you when you obey Him.

What is the greatest proof of the love of the Nazarene? The fact that He gave Himself on the cross. At that time, it was God’s righteousness that would punish Him by replacing us. Thus He has delivered us from the sufferings of everyday life and also those of eternity. Whoever accepts Christ’s sacrifice becomes a new creature indeed. What sets us apart from people is the love of the Savior, who leads us to love Him too.

There was a greater purpose in the work of the Son of God on Calvary: His death was as an offering to the Father. In fact, the Most High knew that this would only be of value if it were offered to Him. Since there was no way to rescue us, unless some righteous, sinless one died in our place, the Just Jesus decided to pay the price!

Such an act was dedicated to the Lord; thus the pure and perfect blood of Christ has removed our sin forever. Today we can go to God in prayer, without intermediaries or payment to receive His blessing. Our sacrifices are the fruits of our lips, which praise the Father with all our hearts in love.

Our deliverance came when Christ, after defeating the devil, came out of the resurrected tomb. Then, being a matter to heaven, he sat at the right hand of the Father, from where he intercedes for all those who receive him as Savior. There is no way God fails to meet us. On the contrary, we have now released the entrance to His throne in order to place our requests and thanks, and assume what is ours.

Today, we are invited to come to Jesus to deliver us from the oppressions that try to encircle our journey to heaven. Our night is over, and the nightmares are over. Now we can and should be people set free by heavenly power. With Christ in front of us, nothing will stop us or stop us. To God be the glory!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God! We want to walk in love, doing your bidding. In doing so, we prove our love for You, and in doing so, you love us, making Your promises in our lives.

In His days on earth, Jesus walked everywhere, healing the oppressed, never asking for anything in return unless one told the wonder worked. We are grateful that you delivered Your Son in our place.

This act was offered and sacrificed to You, so that His blood would be responsible for our acceptance before You. We are set free to worship You and give You real praise - recognition for what you declare and do for us.


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