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Now a great many of the Jews knew that He was there; and they came, not for Jesus’ sake only, but that they might also see Lazarus, whom He had raised from the dead. John 12.9

What moved the people to go to Bethany was not only the desire to be with Jesus, but also to see Lazarus resurrected. What really mattered was seeing the One who had raised him from the dead, but the people payed no attention to that. In our services, we see them rejoicing when they see God’s wonders happening, but we don’t see them pouring themselves out before Him, who does the work in those who need deliverance. That’s why many leave just the same as they came. Where is the mistake?

The reaction of those who naturally wanted to know how the dead man left this world and what he saw on the other side is incomprehensible. Why were they so curious when they were in front of the Being who created all things, including the process of entering and leaving the world? Now, wasn’t that what they wanted to know? And who better than the Lord to explain everything? Unfortunately, many people today study hard and become doctors of science, but they don’t bow down before God.

Jesus was there to fulfill people’s need to know how He made the Earth and what’s on it. Many people, because they feel important due to the little knowledge they have gained at university, despise the Creator of all the laws of nature that govern us. That day, the Master was at their disposal, but they didn’t ask Him for the necessary explanations. To this day, many are still groping around as if they were living in the dark. Seize the opportunities!

People don’t always weigh up their decisions carefully. Some don’t even remember to read the Bible and meditate on it in order to learn God’s revelations. In fact, they try to hear from some “Lazarus” about what he discovered during his four days within the Earth. He certainly didn’t see what he needed to. Leaving the Source of knowledge aside was a big mistake for those people, and we also have done that. Why doesn’t man heed Jesus’ invitation to learn (Matthew 11.29)? Learn from the Master!

Lazarus’ body was placed in the tomb, but where was his soul? How did it leave the body? Did it see anything? What was most pleasing to him? It was better to learn from Jesus about everything that happens during and after death. All of this is in the Scriptures in order to inform those who take time to look to God for the true answers. Those who have sought the Truth have found it!

The Word records nothing about what Lazarus said or saw, because that wouldn’t put an end to man’s doubts. The Bible reveals everything we need. The Lord declares: Oh that My people would listen to Me! That Israel would walk in My ways! (Psalm 81:13). Neither the Israel of the past nor the Israel of the present sought God, but got involved in issues that were incapable of solving their problems. Jesus is the Prophet who was to come!

When we are born, we don’t know how to get out of our mother’s womb, but the Holy Spirit guides us, leading us to make precise movements to come to light. However, in the spiritual realm, even with the guidance of the Most High, many do not receive Life (John 3:36). When the time to die comes, where will we go? Our death is precious in the eyes of the Lord (Psalm 116:15). Therefore, fear not!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who rises again! What foolishness on the part of the religious people of Jesus' days! They went to see Lazarus and found Jesus, but they didn't sit at His feet to learn Your Word. As a result, we have lost a lot of information. Help us to know You!

You have the words of eternal life, and Your mission is to save and enlighten us. There is and will be no other source that can guide us, for You are the Source of knowledge. Only in You will we learn the Way of life, for You are also Lord of it.

We are deceived by the masters of science, who, having a little knowledge, do not recognize You as the Author and Finisher of all things. One day, they will lament and cry out for mercy. Today, we ask You to instruct us!


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