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12/07/2020 - WAR SECRETS

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Then Achish would say, “Where have you made a raid today?” And David would say, “Against the southern area of Judah, or against the southern area of the Jerahmeelites, or against the southern area of the Kenites.”  1 Samuel 27:10

In the previous lesson, I made my point clear regarding the information David gave to Achish, the Philistine king who had received him into his nation. When he was there for the first time, David had to play crazy. Then, led by the Lord, he returned to the same leader and, surprisingly, was received in peace. Trusting him, the king presented him with a city.

Those who walk with God are guided to success. As He goes before us, He opens paths, breaks down walls, and works wonderfully. Thus the doors unlocked for us. Therefore, it is best to walk under the direction of the Almighty. But we must act prudently!

It is often said in commerce: the secret is the soul of business. He who tells where and for how much he buys his merchandise finds competitors. Now, in war, certain rules must be observed, or failure will come. Who has no business practice and reveals the secrets of its operation never thrives.

The kind Philistine king was reckless, but that should not make David open his mouth and tell him about the divine plans. Each must act according to his or her ability, knowing that in the first place he or she must be loyal to God. No one is called by the Almighty unless they love Him above all and all. By calling Abraham out of his land and going where he would be shown, the Most High had already proved it (Gen. 12: 1).

Let us be prudent and faithful servants always, without letting the slightest sinful thoughts enter our minds. Fulfilling the divine will proves that our salvation was worth it. But if we think of our kingdom, we have wasted the great love with which we were loved. May we act on our own in no time! To God be the glory!

David would not spoil God’s plan, for He was His servant. The future king acknowledged Achish’s help in receiving him, but he also knew that the Lord was his Shepherd, and therefore, he would lack nothing. A person called by the Creator will never exchange Him for man. David created an alibi and said what the king wished had happened, not what God had done for him.

Seek and strive to fulfill the Father’s purpose. If, by chance, something like what David has been through is happening to you, see if it is within the plan of the High. One day we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ – the saved and the lost – and answer for our actions.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Dear God! We have to learn from you. While trusting in you, David did not have a casualty between his men and his family. Because I served you with love and dedication, nothing of the enemy worked against him.

We do not want to be part of any loss of Your Kingdom, but of the success of Your work. Forgive our faults and help us correct them, because Your Kingdom cannot suffer scandal because of us. We love you!

We hope that every day we will be more dedicated to your service. Our love for You must be above our personal priorities. May Your hand continue upon our head, steadying our thoughts!


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