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As for the saints who are on the earth, “They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” Psalm 16.3

David learned with the Lord to conduct himself carefully in all situations and circumstances, and later was told to warn the saved to be righteous, wait on  the Almighty and to not seek any other considered divine entity, for certainly there is but only one God and Father of all (1 Timothy 2:5).  The gods of other nations are declared false by Him and will never rescue anybody. 

The saved are members of the Body of Christ and should never even dare thinking of accepting any “assistance” from the evil one.  When the Lord reveals His will to someone, they know how to proceed without any sort of “aid” from the devil.  God never delegated anyone to be able to direct or guide any person whatsoever.

The king shows great pleasure in relation to the servants of God and to the distinguished who become worthy of being served.  However, since the devil tempts anyone in various manners, many will spread false rumors or information with the intention of fooling even the Lord’s chosen ones. Stick to the revelations from the Bible and you will be wise and successful. 

The king’s warning was the following: those that sought the evil spirits would be affected by all sorts of problems, including disease and other evil works.  The powers of darkness insist in tempting people with lies and sufferings, but our God takes pleasure and satisfaction in delivering all those who seek Him.  Understand that to make offerings is completely wrong!

In His earthly mission, Jesus spent a great amount of time teaching the way to proceed when facing evil.  After people learned to obey the Scriptures, He would intercede and cast out the workers of evil.  Christ entrusted us with this mission to the whole world and provided men with the right to be free. 

There are many victims of Satan’s evildoers, who try to feign being good friends.  The good and the friendly are the angels of God, who obey only the orders from the Almighty.  However they must never be invoked or receive your prayer, even though you may have been healed from some evil.  The angels do not respond to petitions or expressions of gratefulness. If you want be thankful for any grace, do it directly to the Father. 

Nothing must ever be offered to any evil being, because our only contact with the spiritual world must be with God Himself.  He will respond in the best way.  To pronounce any entity’s name in your lips is very wrong and takes discredit to the Name of Jesus.  Pronounce only the Name of Christ and through Him be grateful but to God. 

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father! We are grateful because King David warned us about the error of pleading to some filthy spirit or negotiating any kind of blessing.  You will always answer us if we seek You and worship You in spirit and in truth. 

No saint should believe in the lie of the devil or seek him for any intention of solving any problem.  Our adversities are solved only by You.  Those who ignore Your voice will feel even greater pains.  We want only Your help, Lord!

We must not pronounce the repugnant names of the enemies’ lackeys! But when we call out to You, You will answer us. Your work in our favor is beautiful.  The results from withdrawing from You are the worst; so help us to believe in You!


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