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Do not be furious, O Lord, Nor remember iniquity forever; Indeed, please look – we all are Your people!. Isaiah 64:9

Adam greatly disappointed the Lord. God, being perfect, had created him with the ability to accomplish a mission and walk with Him. However, by eating the forbidden fruit, the first man acted as if the Word of the Most High was of no importance to him. Any sin offends the Lord´s holiness. Now, every person´s goal should be to honor the Almighty with his attitudes and his ways, but in that Adam failed terribly.

Isaiah asked God not to be eternally furious – during the time of his sojourn on Earth – for he would be without His attention as long as he lived. Eternal salvation is the greatest blessing of all; but if divine wrath against us were permanent, we would only enjoy His favor in eternity. Certainly, we were answered, because this prayer of the prophet was directed by the Spirit of God. We can have all things!

Today, whoever converts gets rid of the transgressions they committed. When a woman was caught in the act of adultery, Jesus said, “Go and sin no more” (John 8:11). The same advice is given to all born in God’s family. However, if they fall back without repenting, or getting right with the person they were wrong against, they will not be treated lovingly, for they have broken the covenant of salvation.

In forgiving us, the Most High no longer remembers our iniquities and casts them into the depths of the sea (Micah 7:19). Therefore, if you have been genuinely saved and even received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, never accept the false idea that God will remember your past mistakes. The devil is the one who accuses you day and night before the Lord, making you think of the acts during times of ignorance (Acts 17:30). Our Father is faithful!

The act of forgiveness follows that of convincement by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the lost and the saved that have erred. Saying to someone, “I will not admit your mistake to be forgiven” may condemn you forever. Now without repentance there is no forgiveness (Luke 17: 3). He who does not repent of the wrongdoing cannot be forgiven. The offender must be reprimanded by the offended and, if he repents, he can be forgiven.

The saved are part of God’s people, live under the same conditions and have access to Him. However, those who deceive themselves with the devil confess with their mouth that they do not believe in the Creator’s existence. Such a person will never bow before Him. Poor soul! At Christ’s return, the revelation of the truth will cause the desperate to fall down and ask for mercy, but it will be too late!

Because we are of the same race and born the same we cannot feel better than others. Those who do not pass through the narrow Gate and the narrow Path will be denied entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Strive, for although you are the richest person in the world, without Jesus you will have no salvation!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of peace and love! You were greatly disappointed with Adam's fall.. Because he was created and taught by You, he should not have eaten of the forbidden fruit. Yet, You have created a way to redeem mankind from the fall: by Your Son.

Isaiah asked that You not be eternally furious, because we would be without Your attention. You have heard the prayer inspired by Your Spirit; so today we can give thanks for the work that has restored us and made us Your people. Now we are at peace!

We do not want to sin again, as Adam did. We want to stand firm in the covenant of salvation. The devil may even accuse us before You, but as new creatures we will resisthim and obey You!


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