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21/02/2020 - WE ARE IN GOD´S HANDS

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Yes, He loves the people; All His saints are in Your hand; They sit down at Your feet; Everyone receives Your words. Deuteronomy 33:3

The Lord loves all peoples equally. He created man and made him spread over the face of the earth, so he could not have a bad feeling towards any of us. Unfortunately, many have given themselves up to sin, and this separates them from God, regardless of whether they practice it infrequently or fairly often.

Israel arose because of Abraham’s faith in the only God while still living in Ur of the Chaldeans. The Hebrew patriarch was upset about what happened in those bands. Then one day he heard the Lord calling him out of the midst of that people and their kindred and into a place which would be shown him (Gen. 12: 1). He obeyed and left without knowing where he was going, awaiting divine direction.

The patriarch was told that his offspring would be like the sand of the sea (Gen. 22.17). From the seed of Abraham came the Savior. And descending after the flesh came the nation of Israel, which was the chosen people of God. But today these people are made up of those who are born again. Now, regardless of where they came from, people are guaranteed salvation as long as they accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.

How do we show God that we love Him? By keeping His commandments (John 14:21). We must do what is pleasant, good, and perfect before Him. The separate ones for the Creator are in His hands. The choice is individual; It is enough for one to be guided by the Holy Spirit, following the Scriptures. No work will give salvation to man, only faith in Christ.

Why does the Lord cherish some people? Because they love Him, keep His commandments, and are automatically transported from the kingdom of evil to the Kingdom of Heaven. They are placed in the midst of the promises and operations of divine power, being born again. The difference is that they believe what He says or reject the Truth. The question is: were you born again? So act!

To be at the Lord’s feet is to stand in the position of a son whom He wishes to teach, so that He will never serve the enemy. By going to Jesus, you get the full attention of the Most High. Therefore it will never perish, but will be preserved in the bad days. Refusing God’s invitation will make you remain in darkness. Rebels, those who ignore what the Word says, will suffer eternal torment.

Everyone who learns from the Omniscient will receive the wisdom with which the Father will bestow it. In addition, you will know the Lord as you never thought possible. Upon Christ’s return, this person will be rewarded with the invitation to come in and possess the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world. What will be your decision now? Will you accept Jesus?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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The Almighty! Discrimination on the basis of skin color, birth origin, or any other motive does not come from You. Your love is bestowed on all, as Your Word says. Father, we love you!

There are no people who are not in Your hand, or have no right to be saved, for Your Son has paid the price for all to know You and receive Your love. Our mission is to make the lost find salvation!

The redeemed are in Your hand, where no one can take them from, for you are the Greatest. We want to stand at Your feet; thus we will receive your words that heal us, set us free and save us. Father, teach us to love You today and always!


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