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Strengthen the weak hands, And make firm the feeble knees.  Isaiah 35:3

We have no excuses to not reach out to those in need of physical or spiritual healing, for we are invested with divine glory. By means of it, those who suffer believe and rejoice in Jesus.  We the Church of Christ can do the same works that He performed (John 14:12). certainly, the Master did not err or confound Himself when he said so.  The lost must see the glory and the excellence of our Lord. 

While still a child, I learned that Jesus is the Truth and even before learning how to read, an aunt gave me a Bible.  Every Sunday, I had the intense pleasure of going to church holding my present.  Because the Gospel was not widely accepted in the city where I lived, the people would make fun and belittle me when they would see me carrying the Holy Book.  This was pure glory for me, because I was not ashamed to suffer for the love of Jesus (1 Peter 4:16).

I walked my first steps in the faith at the Baptist church of my town.  There I learned to pay close attention to the preaching of the pastor.  As I would learn something knew I would take it upon my life and would feel immense joy for having come to know the Lord.  To this day, nothing touches me more than to see someone discriminating against me, poking fun of my faith or making malicious commentaries about me.  Every Christian should consider these offenses as glory.

Many would like to be used by God and even pray to Him for this.  However, when they have the opportunity to lead somebody to freedom, they tremble in fear that the devil will not obey them.  I can assure that this feeling is brought on by the devil, because if they were a bit braver and expelled the demon, they would learn how easy it is to be used by the Almighty. 

One of our missions is to strengthen the weak hands.  It is true that God made man with two hands, two capacities or abilities, one physical and the other spiritual.  Due to the fall of Adam, we were born separate from the Lord, and due to this, unable to use our spiritual abilities. However, when we are converted to Christ, we are transported from the kingdom of darkness to the realm of light (Colossians 1:13,14), and this ability is restored to us in the Name of Jesus. 

It does not matter when your conversion to the Gospel occurred.  When you are consecrated you become a worker of wonders and marvels, leading people to have a good impression of the message of Christ.  The comfort for the weak hands is not only the healing of  Parkinson’s, or any  physical shakes, but also to stimulate people to use their spiritual gifts in order to show those who do not know the divine power that Jesus can solve all the problems.

Many of the saved do not progress in their walk in faith because of trembling knees.  Therefore they shy from announcing that God heals the infirm, because they think that they will not be successful for having sinned in the past.  They forget that they were forgiven when they were saved.  This way, they must only believe in the words of the Lord and follow the divine plan.  Their knees were already healed by the wounds of Jesus, so they need not tremble or fear anymore.

In Christ, with Love

R. R. Soares

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God! What a challenge You set before us: to comfort the weak hands, who do not believe to have the power to command that demons and evil leave.  This is not true, because the saved should know that You have already cured them!

Because they believe that in their particular case, the blood of Jesus was not effective, they do not venture to act out in faith.  So much harm is done through the weak and negative message! But You commanded that all weak hands be strengthened.

Help us to look to the ones that do not walk secure in their faith, and fearing that they may be imprisoned or suffer violence for speaking out concerning Your love.  That from now on, the people with feeble knees may only believe in Your words and obey You.  Amen! 


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