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The ox knows its owner And the donkey its master’s crib; But Israel does not know, My people do not consider.”  Isaiah 1:3

The greatest tragedy in one’s life is ignorance of the Creator and His beautiful plan for each individual. Therefore, he does not respect Him. Now the Lord reveals Himself in Scripture to those who long for Him, revealing their rights and their obligations in the Word. Jesus taught that we should search the Scriptures, because we take care to have eternal life in them, and they testify of Him (John 5:39). We can say that they also testify about us.

Being aware of God and His purpose will make us successful in every area. Now, failing to examine the Holy Book will put us at a disadvantage with the king of Hell and subject to his onslaught. See, the ox is able to recognize its owner, though it has no intelligence. Whoever wants to learn about God lives well in this life and, believing in Him, will be happy for eternity.

To accomplish His creation, God used principles that man only recently discovered. Frenchman Luiz Pasteur, for example, researched microscopic life by placing a lens on his father’s brewer’s yeast. The Lord created all the laws of nature, including those still hidden to us. Over 2,500 years ago, the prophet Daniel wrote that in recent times science would multiply. This is what we will see!

The prophet used simple things to express his wisdom. But the man who still crawls in scientific knowledge often scorns His Creator. Even a donkey identifies its owner’s crib because it knows it will find food there. Now the manger of man is Holy Scripture, but many find themselves too important to go to the “trough of God” to nourish themselves. Amazing!

After speaking of the ox and the donkey, the servant of the Lord turns to Israel and says that the people lack understanding. These people were to immediately seek their Creator, but sought to match those around them. First, they asked for a king; later, while knowing that God wanted to be their King, they ceased to be an example to other peoples, seeking eroticization in Baal, like the peoples expelled from Canaan.

Even today, the Israelites excel in science despite their small population. The lack of knowledge of the Messiah, the same Jehovah who made the covenant with Abraham and came to solve the problems of mankind, caused the sons of Jacob to be scattered throughout the world. However, the remnant will be saved (Rom 9:27). Everyone will still see that they will do good to humanity when the veil is taken from them. Give thanks to the Father!

Gradually, Israel is understanding that the answer is Jesus of Nazareth. The proof of this is that today many Jews were born again. When you understand what belongs to you, the world will know who the true God is. We have preached the Good News with signs, wonders and wonders, but the glory of the last house shall be greater than that of the first (Ag 2.9). To the Lord be the honor and praise!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God of holy wisdom! He who humbles himself before you learns who you are. You did everything in the world for you and your children. We plead for Your favor. Help us to serve You better!

You are our Lord and Father, but unfortunately we do not give you due attention. So we moan under a huge weight without giving you the right to teach us the right. Those who have experienced your grace live far better than the world.

We want to know our manger, for Your Son was placed in one of them when He came into the world. It meant that He would not rest there. Christ is the bread that men would need. Father! Always give us this nourishment!


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