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For You have delivered my soul from death, My eyes from tears, And my feet from falling. Psalm 116:8

When the Lord reveals Himself to us, we are rewarded with numerous blessings, and the greatest blessing He gives us, when drawing us away from the dark empire, is the chance to establish our future: the salvation of our souls. It´s of the utmost importance for every Christian to understand and claim this blessing; after all, the work of divine grace in our life goes far beyond religious morals.

The Gospel connects us to the Creator. When we understand the message of the cross, we are impacted. Our soul rejoices in such a way that an inner change begins to take place. The blood of Christ washes away our sins, and the evil one has no more domain over us. From then on, the Spirit of God dwells us, turning us into new creation. This encounter with our true self gives us more than a chance to change course, it gives us true life.

Whoever is born again is truly delivered, because with their soul free from death, they are stripped of the nature of the devil. Before Jesus came into our lives, wicked forces led us to do wrong things and oppressed us with unclean desires, enslaving us to sins. However, after accepting Christ as Savior, the devil has no more authority over us. He will even struggles to touch us, but he will not be allowed to do so; we must not give him any room. 

Divine grace reaches the new convert, who perceives how to be loved by the Lord. This change in life makes them give up their mistakes and temptations and practice that which is good. So, they behave in an altruistic way, been thinking only of their neighbor. Besides, he never lets himself be ruled by hatred and resentment nor does he live in frustration. After surrendering their life to Christ, the person cares for their family and friends, showing them the Lord’s blessings which are available to them. It is also necessary to show them that God will dry their tears.

The feet of those people who serve the heavenly Father are free from the fall. When they become aware of that, they become prudent and flee from evil because they want to follow the path of the righteous, thus, pleasing God. The true Christian, who is firmly established in the Word, even though he has the opportunity to sin, he is enrooted in the joy of the Lord and strives in order not to fall into transgression. For him, the most important thing is to participate in the Kingdom of love, happiness and innocence that he has just found.

We have to make the same decision as the psalmist. David trusted the Lord fully. He knew that if he followed divine the precepts, he would never be forsaken by the merciful God, and that is why he was very blessed. Taste the goodness of the Most High and enjoy His blessings!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of strength and support! We thank You for the blessings You have given us. You have covered with mercies the just and straight path that we have follow along with You! Freed from the bonds of the wicked one, we can win always!

You have delivered our soul from death. Before we met You, we were under the influence of dark forces, but now they don't touch us anymore! Thanks to You, we don't cry anymore, because You have dried our tears of pain and sadness.

We walk the journey of faith steadfastly, for You are by our side. You never forsake us. Our feet don´t stumble, we do not fall or get hurt. That´s because we obey You! Thank you so much, Father!


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