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Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire. Psalm 104:4

Both the angels and men have the privilege of serving God, but not in the same way. Men serve the Lord by preaching the gospel and rejecting all kinds of evil that afflicts them. Angels are spirits that minister and operate on our behalf (Hebrews 1:14). However, they should never be ministered to or receive the glory for the work done on our behalf. None of them will accept worship, because that would be adultery. Only God should be worshipped!

When John received the book of Revelation, there was an angel of God who revealed to him all that would happen. More towards the end, as he wrote about Jesus in His glory ahead of the celestial army, the apostle was taken by an anti-Biblical initiative and fell on his knees before the angel to worship him. But the angelical being ordered him not to do that, because he was John’s fellow servant (Revelation 19:10). Only God should be glorified!

Without a doubt, the angels of the Lord don’t take part in the human nature, but they know the limits that have been imposed to them. As servants of God, we should observe the commandments given by the Father and not surpass them, even when we’re praying. Those who go beyond divine guidance will not go unpunished. It is our duty to know the Holy Scriptures! To watch and pray does very well!

It is also good to refuse the honors from people of this world. Many times, they have good intentions: however, with love, we should teach them about the correct procedure of the sons of God. On the other hand, it is sad to see those who received a calling getting dirty with the things of this world. Obeying the law of the Lord and the testimony He gave in the Word is the secret (Isaiah 8:20). 

This is our greatest desire: to see the dawn, this new land where we will live forever. This will only happen if we observe the holy Word and adapt our procedure; that way, we will be able to contemplate Him on that glorious day. God will guide us in a powerful way, that’s why we should always be ready to go up with Him. Only those who persevere will be admitted into the eternal Kingdom!

The angels are like the wind, that doesn’t know where it comes from or where it is going. They have the authority to penalize those who don’t believe in revelations. Look at what happened when Gabriel spoke with Zechariah, during his priestly shift: “I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings. But behold, you will be mute and not able to speak until the day these things take place (Luke 1:19,20). Believe in what God makes you understand from the Bible!

The ministers of the Gospel become like blazing fire, because God made them that way. So when we feel divine anointing and minister, the demons and all evil that’s affecting the people can’t stand against the order we give them to leave. The next step is to believe and command all the people to take possession of what was given to them.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, our commander! It is different when we learn to believe in Your Word, and not in the concepts created by men about the truth. Help us, because we need to know more the Scriptures in order to love You more!

Why should we believe in theories made up by people and not give You true praise and thankfulness for all that’s happening in our lives? Your yoke is easy and your burden is light! To serve You is a continuous pleasure!

Lead us to live in a victorious way, so that evil that affects humanity will be destroyed and not oppress anymore. We want Your constant presence in our being. Amen!


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