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“Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to Me; for I will not hear you.  Jeremiah 7:16

It is unbelievable how the kings of Judah learned nothing from the destruction of the kingdom that separated the house of David, Israel, the kingdom of the North. They lasted a little over 200 years, but because they served the devil and didn’t make their paths right, God allowed the Syrian monarch to come to Samaria and destroy them. Besides that, the king took captive the people who interested him and scattered them around the world. They never went back to being a kingdom again.

Even with so many examples, the kings of Judah allowed something similar to happen in Jerusalem, and the nation’s judgement happened. Jeremiah got desperate because he had to announce this sad ending to the people of God, but he wasn’t heard. Even though he would call out, nobody would give him attention. The prophet started praying and supplicating for the people to be saved, but he learned a hard lesson. The end was near!

What a sad day for Jeremiah! Even though he knew God was love, he started calling out with a firm heart so he’d be heard. The Lord responded, but the answer wasn’t as expected: Jeremiah shouldn’t intercede on behalf of the people anymore. The same could happen to you when you supplicate on behalf of a family member who sins consciously. Even though they know the severity of God’s judgement, they won’t change their behavior.

You might think that such a word didn’t come from the Most High, but it did. God told the prophet to write it in his book so it would become a part of Scriptures. The decision made by the Lord regarding people who keep sinning without repenting will be irreversible, even though it might displease us. Take the opportunity to tell your loved ones who are living in iniquity to repent; otherwise, they will be lost forever.

Jeremiah had to stop praying for them. When God’s patience with someone runs out, we can only wait for the outcome of the situation. This happens to people who don’t have the smallest appreciation for the Truth, although they say they are saved. Those who don’t take a stand according to Biblical commandments will realize the patience of the Lord ran out, and nothing else can be done. Make things right with the Father, there is still time!

God is annoyed at prayers that don’t come from Him. The words of the prophet, for sure, came from his own heart and that’s why they couldn’t be answered. If the Holy Spirit tells you to intercede on behalf of someone, your prayer will be heard; but if the words are based on your own will, even if you’re a very spiritual person, nothing will happen because you’re just annoying the Lord.

We must seek to save every person; however, we should only spend time with those who have been touched and enlightened by God. This can be seen in those who seek us with an open heart and who are ready to accept divine offer. Those who don’t fear the Lord won’t even want to speak to us. On the other hand, those who fear the Lord are different. Jeremiah should have paid attention to those who are sincere.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! Thank You for teaching us to invest our time in Your work, because the reprobates are not innocent; they prefer to go to hell instead of bowing before You. Their works are evil!

As Jesus said: if we aren’t well received, we should shake off the dust from our feet as a testimony against them (Luke 9:5). We have no time to waste with those who prefer perdition.

May Your love move us to supplicate on behalf of those who still don’t know You and haven’t turned their face towards You, so they will reach the full knowledge of the Truth. May our words be used to lead sinners to Your kingdom!


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