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Then Abijah and his people struck them with a great slaughter; so five hundred thousand choice men of Israel fell slain. 2 Chronicles13:17

The kingdom of Samaria was born with the Lord’s approval, but right from the beginning, its king did what the Lord had forbidden in the Ten Commandments: two golden calves. Moreover, he told the people that these were the gods who had brought them out of Egypt. That king showed that he had no fear of the true God, and therefore disqualified himself as his servant. Another error of Jeroboam was to provoke the kingdom of Judah in the days of Rehoboam.

As Solomon’s son had not prepared his heart to serve God, he had to endure the evil of the king of the North. But after taking over Judah, Abijah, who reigned only three years, answered Jeroboam, ordering war against Samaria. Abijah knew that Israel’s army was larger than his own, but as he believed that the Lord was with him, he did not stop until he gave the right answer to those who had humiliated them.

The battle seemed lost because the northern kingdom had twice as many soldiers. Each of Abijah’s warriors would have to kill two of Samaria’s warriors and that was impossible, humanly speaking. The king of Judah, seeing that he would fight ahead with the same number of warriors as his opponent and, at the rear, with the same number of enemies, realized that the only chance not to be destroyed was to cry out to the Almighty. So in doing so, it was helped.

Before the war began, Abijah showed fear of the Lord, for he referred to what the Law of Moses prescribed for the Israelites (Deut. 20:10). If they accepted the conditions for peace, they would be their tributaries. King Abijah stood on Mount Zemaraim and gave a great explanation of their error, speaking of the roots of the whole process that led to the separation of the ten tribes. Their response was tragic (2 Chr 13:4-13).

Cunning Jeroboam divided his people into two groups to fight. Ahead, he put half of the 800,000 men to fight his brothers who were defending their return to the house of David. From the rear, he positioned the other half. Abijah had only to cry to God, who responded with the necessary help. Result: They razed the opponents.

Anyone who obeys the Scriptures always wins, and that happened that day. Keep in mind what God has said on the subject you wish to overcome, for He will only be with His faithful servant. Of Jeroboam’s 800,000 a little over 60% of the soldiers fell wounded, and were chosen men. You cannot fight those who have the Most High by their side, because the Lord never loses a fight. Hallelujah!

That day it proved that it is worth serving the one true God. Today is the same thing. Those who do not serve the Most High do not succeed in their endeavors. Try to get right with Him, leaving the way of evil. God is the Father of His children, so act according to biblical commandments. The Lord is faithful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Righteous God! You saw Solomon's actions, so as he and his people did not repent, you let Jeroboam divide the kingdom. How many times has the enemy caused dissension in your work because of the wrong actions of those who lead it?

With Abijah Thou judged those who brought idolatry into the land of the making of golden calves, and taught Thy people that they had brought them out of Egypt. How certain people do wrong, mercy!

The king of Judah trusted Thee and faced who was stronger than him. He knew your faithfulness and your love. So when he was surrounded by the front and the rear, he taught Your people to shout for You, and You gave them the victory.


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