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My heart pants, my strength fails me; as for the light of my eyes, it also has gone from me.  Psalm 38.10

When someone disregards the commandments of the Word, even if he is saved, and keeps hammering in his mind that he will not tell the truth, he is greatly mistaken. Unfortunately, there are people unable to realize that they hoard sins for their condemnation on Judgment Day. We will be judged for all our evils. One of the worst mistakes is lying. Now, whoever lies sins against the Truth, which is the Lord Himself (John 14,6). Watch and pray!

King David needed to get right with God; he knew that. It was not his mind that was going around, but his heart, and when that happens, the situation becomes untenable. Anyone who lets this happen is making too many mistakes. The heart symbolizes a man’s spirit, his true self (Proverbs 4.23). If you have let it go around, you are certainly in trouble, because the enemy has already managed to get into it and corrupt you. Repent soon!

Every servant of the Lord must flee from sins, especially the one in which he lies to save his own skin. In the world there are various attractions, but if some are accepted, your communion with the Father will be cut off, and the enemy will soon attack you.  Between you and your Shield, hindrances have arisen that isolate you from God (Isaiah 59.1-3; 1 John 2.15,16). The only way to escape is to turn to Him immediately.

The psalmist goes on to recount the losses from walking in the ways of error. Then he says that he lacked strength. Now, the Most High is our Guarantor. He protects us from the hellish onslaughts, being our great Strength. However, when we are without His protection, the King of Hell orders us to be taken hostage by his demonic clique, and with that, we lose our strength.

It’s a sad situation to the one who thinks he serves God, but doesn’t allow Him to guide his heart. At the crucial hour, he will be like Samson after they cut his hair. He thought that he could go against his enemies as in the past, tried to stand up to defeat them, and saw the strength that frightened them extinguished (Judges 16.18-21). If you have allowed yourself to be led by the devil, seek forgiveness from the Almighty, otherwise the evil one will overpower you.

When a person is cut off from the Lord, he no longer gets the revelations of his rights in Christ, and has a diminished life. Fight for this never to happen to you, because your eyes will no longer have the understanding they had before. The Lord has left you this message for you to come to your senses and go to Him, confessing your errors, in order to be forgiven (1 John 1.8,9).

Whoever is without the light of his eyes – sees everything hazy, and what is worse – spends his life meditating on the Word without understanding it. It seems like a closed book to those who have sinned and not repented. Be honest with yourself, go to the Master’s feet to receive your forgiveness and new life, which is given by Jesus to those who seek Him. He and His Word are One.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our heart! We can't imagine what happens to us when we fall into sin. Your Word gives us a hint, saying that we must confess our transgressions and become good people, who love Jesus!

We don't need to go around inside ourselves to fool anyone. We only want to love You. We refuse to submit ourselves again to the devil; after all, Your Word declares that we are justified by Christ to reign!

You are the Strength of our life, so it will never fail us. We come to You to receive Your forgiveness and to have the light of our eyes back. We are eternally grateful to You for this return!



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