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For look, they lie in wait for my life; the mighty gather against me, not for my transgression nor for my sin, O Lord. Psalm 59:3

There are cases when trials are very intense, and it feels like a legion of evil spirits are attacking. We should never fear them, because God is faithful and won’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). Every saved person is someone special to the Creator, because they are a part of His own family. When they call out to the Lord, believing He will listen in midst of the worst situation possible, they can rest, smile and praise God.

No matter how great the investment from evil, no saved person will be left behind, because God will help them in their battles. No matter what the devil says, nor what could happen, apparently; trust in divine provision. When Jairus received the news that his daughter was dead, and because of that, he shouldn’t bother speaking to Jesus, he heard from the Lord: Do not fear; only believe and she will be made well (Luke 8:50). It happened as the Lord said!

Christians shouldn’t fear when those who think they’re powerful get together. After Christ  was victorious on the cross, descended into hell and overcame the devil and his demons, the princes of darkness, nothing was left for them (Colossians 2:15). Now, if “strong people” are rising against you, take a deep breath and smile, because the Strong One is not on their side, but lives inside your heart. He is our beloved Savior and Lord!

The enemy lies in everything he does and says. Not even if he tried, he would be able to touch us; after all, our protector is the Eternal God, Lord of the armies of Israel. The Father will preserve us if we trust our soul to Him, rejecting the will of the prince of evil. Be fearless, resist evil and never proceed treacherously. The Most High is the strength of your life and will protect you!

If you’ve fallen into sin, turn to God and confess your mistakes. He will forgive you and place you with the redeemed. You can trust in the Lord; He will confirm His Word in every place, to every person who believes in the name of Jesus. Therefore, make things right with Him so that tomorrow He might work wonders on you behalf. Pray and confess yourself to Him!

When you feel the presence of God – which happens when we read the Bible, pray and listen to the preaching of Scriptures – stand up and tell Him you take possession of all the promises He made. Next, command every evil thing to be destroyed. God will strengthen you in every moment. Those who have Him by their side never lose a battle.

How about taking a stand in Christ, commanding all the power of hell to be completely undone? The Lord is your victory! Therefore, don’t act with fear, but be braver than those who are brave. That’s how the heavenly Father wants to see you. He will act on your behalf and give you victory, as long as you believe!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, our Refuge! We learn through the Word that You are like a strong tower to those who believe in You. It is true that the enemy is planning traps for our soul, but we won’t fear. Our faith is steadfast in You!

Enemies come from all sides. They want to make us their preys, which will never happen because You are our strength and we are ready for the fight. The enemy can’t defeat us because we are part of Your Son’s body!

Where are those coming against us, if they can? They will be crushed underneath our feet. What You promised will come to pass, even if everything points towards the opposite direction. Your name gives us authority to place the enemy where he belongs. Thank You, Father!


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