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Then they will cry to the LORD, But He will not hear them; He will even hide His face from them at that time, Because they have been evil in their deeds.  Micah 3:4

The Almighty always had mercy on His people.  This is why He always sent His prophets to rebuke them instead of punishing them for their evil doings.  When we fall into temptation, the devil has us in his hands.  Knowing this, the Lord, who is love, rebukes us so that we are not oppressed by the demon.  When you realize you have sinned, confess your transgression to God immediately and seek His forgiveness.  This is quite honorable!

The Israelites were behaving in a manner against the Word: they abhorred goodness and loved evil. This is why the prophet rebuked them.  We must keep watch with those of us who allow themselves to be taken by the lies of the devil, becoming worthy of correction.  Even Peter, the apostle erred in his conduct with the sons of God, because when he saw Paul arrive, he drew himself away from the gentiles.  But Paul admonished him.

Some Christians have been deceived by the devil, but it should be otherwise; it is to be expected that they know their duties and rights.  We cannot take advantage of anyone, but there are those that do so even with co-heirs of divine grace. The Omniscient sees when our works are evil, when we exploit the members of the Body of Christ.  The Lord would never approve such conduct.  Be responsive to the Holy Spirit!

The sentence on those who are used by the enemy is serious.  This person will cry out to God, but He will not listen.  Some have said that they pleaded in a moment of great necessity but they were not heard.  If they paid attention to the declarations of the Lord they would be answered as soon as they prayed. God honors only those that honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30) He wants to honor you!

Whoever causes a little one who believes in the Lord to sin, would be better off if he tied a millstone around his neck and threw himself into  the sea (Matthew 18:6).  For this reason, think of the consequences before you err. God desires longevity and excellent things.  Being obedient to Him, you will be a stone in the path of the devil.  Therefore remain always in the hands of the Almighty!

Don’t allow the Omnipotent to hide His face from you.  If this happens, who will help you in the hour of tribulation? Those that cause evil must be prepared because the face of the Almighty will be hidden from their sight and nothing more can be said or done for this life.  If the devil threatens you with war, face him; but if a man should do this, pray for him. 

We were created to do good works and represent the eternal Father.  So, do not allow anything to come between you and the Truth; in your struggle against evil, Truth will deliver you.  Have complete trust in Whom always fulfilled every promise and never be involved with the enemy (Joshua 23:14).  God is faithful and powerful to give you happiness!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! If there is one Name, beyond what Your Word reveals about you, certainly the Lord is Our Answer.  Every time we cry out to You we are readily answered.  In You is our assurance that we will defeat temptations!

We learn that if we are without answer, probably our doings will be responsible for this silence.  They may not have Your direction, or be made for the worst reasons.  We ask for Your direction and anointment in our doings.

That whatever we do, we do for Your Kingdom, whether we do it for our sake or for Your work.  We want to be heard, without You hiding from us. Great is to know that Your face is constantly contemplating us every moment. We Love You!


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