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Then they defeated all the cities around Gerar, for the fear of the LORD came upon them; and they plundered all the cities, for there was exceedingly much spoil in them. 2 Chronicles 14:14

When King Asa let the pride and illusion of prosperity take hold of his heart, he turned away from himself and his people the protection and other blessings of the Lord. Examine yourself and see if you have done similar things; perhaps that is why you and your family are trapped by the devil. To get rid of demons, there is only one way: come to God with repentance and confess your sin. Do it now!

When pressured by the crown brought by Zerah the Ethiopian, Asa acted right and cried to the Most High, who answered him and delivered him. Many Christians seem blind because they did not realize when the forces of Hell began to attack them, as well as their family members. They kept on praying, but since there were unconfessed sins, the devil saw an opening to afflict them.

To see His people turning to Him was all that the Almighty needed to protect them. After all, He had sworn to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that He would do that. However, the Lord cannot keep His promises in the life of those who err and lie, saying that they did not sin. See how many unanswered prayers and how many problems you’ve been through, for not confessing your transgressions to God, so make amends now!

The Most High will not fail to fulfill what He promised to his Son, our Savior, who intercedes for us. But if we have erred and hidden our errors, we will not go much further. Only when David acknowledged his iniquity and prayed to be cleansed, did God hear him. Our position today is better than that of David, because by forgiving us the Lord cleanses us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Thus, the evil one loses the capacity to strike us and cannot touch our family.

The power given by God to each Israelite soldier was more than double as before. The Ethiopians had twice as many warriors, but the Israelites were able to defeat them easily. They persecuted their opponents and caught up with them, and only returned after destroying them. Such is our position in the Son of God. If there is no condemnation in our record, we will be helped by heavenly power.

The Israelites were surprised at what they brought back home; after all, the spoils was very big. Today, the important thing is not what we will take from the enemy, but what we will receive in the inheritance of the Lord, for, because we have won, He will give us all things. As we go out to wage God´s wars, we will bring home much more than we had imagined. The Most High strengthens and rewards us. In Jesus, we have everything!

The Christian will come out better, stronger and more powerful from battles, for he will be helped by the Almighty. Therefore, make amends with the Lord and initiate the time of battle against everything that binds you or does not let you enjoy the wonders of the new birth. God is with you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Commander and Strengthener! The example we have of Asa's combat against the Ethiopian adversary is greater than we imagine. By the facts described in the Word, those who fear You can learn to seek You in difficult times and they will find You.

Judah´s prosperity was great, but it only happened because Asa sought You. Likewise, we will also be successful if we are faithful to You. We can not let the enemy whip us.

Asa cried out to You, and You forgave him. Likewise, if we are in trouble, in need of forgiveness, You come to our aid, delivering us from the clutches of the wicked one and giving us the strength to persecute him, reach him and only come back with the work accomplished.


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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