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Your heart will meditate on terror: “Where is the scribe? Where is he who weighs? Where is he who counts the towers?” Isaiah 33:18

Before the advent of the Master, we lived oppressed, as if somebody were always watching our steps ready to accuse us.  In truth, there were spies who reported our miss-steps, but they were not angels from God, but from the powers of darkness.  As we fall for any temptations these spies would send a message to the headquarters of their infernal kingdom and our lives would become a true hell of pain and problems. 

When Jesus came and divested the powers of darkness of the authority that they held over men, our lot changed.  Now we do not have to bow to the enemy because before He left to take up His position at the right hand of the Father, the Savior gave us the power over all the forces and powers of the enemy and stated that those that believed in Him would do the same works He did and even greater for He was going to  the Heavenly Father (John 14:12).

Great is the opportunity that we have to emulate the Master, leading the masses to experience and to taste the best ofGod. However, if we do not use the power that we received and go to all the religious and atheist who know nothing about the bible, we will have problems on the Day of reckoning.  No doubt, the Lord will hold us accountable for not believing in Him.  We make Jesus to be a liar if we do not answer to Him.

Those who hear us speak how the Bible assures us of who we are certainly think we are presumptuous or crazy.  Because we take the precepts of the Word of God seriously we speak as a people of a distinct race, which in truth and in Christ we actually are. Because we are a chosen generation, which speaks His Word, we glorify God.  Those who learn what belongs to man as believers are marveled and stunned concerning their condition in Jesus.  We can do exactly like the Savior!

Those who were always spying and reporting against us to the devil, bringing suffering, can no longer succeed in this effort and cannot affect us with their works.  Even when the Christian errs, as he confesses his sins to the Father, he is soon forgiven and purified of his iniquity.  Seek to know your rights in Christ, and you will not be swept into any temptation.  Your deliverance and freedom are real!

Where is the scribe with his evil report?  If he denounces anyone for having converted to faith in Jesus the enemy´s headquarters will be frightened, realizing they have lost one more to the Kingdom of Heaven. He has no more way to claim us because being saved we are part of the Body of Christ, and this gives us authority over the powers of evil.  Therefore do not recant on your decision to belong to God, unless you want to be oppressed by the devil and his angels. 

Converts to the Lord become one with Him and will no longer be oppressed by the powers of the kingdom of darkness because they already have become light to those who are distant from Jesus.  The best thing to do is to believe in the promise of Jesus about receiving power descending on us from the Holy Spirit, in order to be His witness.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Deliverer! What can we say concerning the work in our favor at the cross if it delivered us eternally from hell? The best way to prove that we believe in Your sacrifice for us is to preach this message to the world. 

In the past we did not have the light of Your Word, and as we slid we were soon afflicted and our conscience accused us.  The work that removed us from the kingdom of darkness was exactly what we needed, for now we are free!

We are grateful thatYou loved us enough to suffer the punishment that we deserved.  Now that we are free from the kingdom of darkness, we have to learn more about our duties and our mission.  It is good to be Your servants!


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