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16/04/2023 - WHERE DID GOD FIND US?

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He found him in a desert land and in the wasteland, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye. Deuteronomy 32.10

The Israelites went to Egypt with Jacob’s blessing, but after he and his son Joseph died, the new pharaohs changed their treatment towards them (Exodus 1.8-14). The result was that they became slaves in the land of Ham (read Psalms 105 and 106). This shows that the world only gives us respect and freedom because of someone influential or something important that we do. However, as soon as that person dies, or as we grow old, few care about us.

Moses understood the need to do something on behalf of his people. However, to preserve his own life, he hid himself in a desert land for 40 years (Exodus 2.15; Acts 7.29,30). There he lived as a sheep caretaker; he did not yet care for his people, only for animals. However, the Almighty found the Hebrews in Moses and called him to return to Egypt to set them free. Many preachers do not know God’s reason for calling them to ministry, but by saying yes, they lead the lost to salvation.

If Moses had been rebellious, he would have been held accountable for the blood of Jacob’s children, who would have perished far from the Most High, and even for our lives. He was in the desert, tending his father-in-law’s sheep, and when he saw the bush burning with fire, his attention was focused on the fact that the bush was not consumed (read Exodus, chapter 3). While this servant of the Lord was examining this phenomenon, God shouted from the middle of the plant, commanding him to take off his sandals, for that place was holy. Such a divine visitation has also sanctified us. Thank you, Father!

In that lonely place, in the midst of wolves and other wild animals, Moses, who was taken from the waters, understood the responsibility that was upon his shoulders. In the same way, or quite differently from this, in the course of the centuries, many were called to bring the people out of sin, out from under the slavery of many nations, but they did nothing. Certainly, their position in the eternal Judgment will be tremendously unfavorable. We must examine our behavior!

Israel was handed over to Moses. And how many people were handed over to us to be delivered from their iniquities, but we did not act? Every saved person has a responsibility toward people who have never heard of the Good News. Now, the Most High has prepared you to be sent into the world to rescue souls from the fire (Jude 1.23). Your preparation to serve the Lord is for the salvation of many lost ones. Therefore, respond like Moses and fulfill your mission.

Your instruction begins with tears shed before God, weeping over your way of living in sin. When you draw near to the Lord, He draws near to those whom you will lead to Christ. From your yes, these people will think differently and see their religion as something empty. Moreover, they will hunger for God and hear about something that will make them reason about the Truth. One day they will also be saved and called.

God kept Israel in captivity as the apple of His eye. The Almighty protected Moses and used him in a powerful way. The exodus from Egypt was perfect, the work of the Master, for no one died, except the mighty army of Pharaoh (Exodus 14.15-31). The Lord will use you in the same way, do you want that?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of Your people! All over the Earth, there are brethren that need to be rescued, who have Your call, but don't even really know You. Look at the one who has understood the reason why they don’t succeed at anything, and with tears, promises to serve You wherever they go!

What a desert this person has been living, tired of mistakes, because Your hand is heavy upon them! Now, after understanding that there are lost ones needing to be saved, many servants break down before You to know how to help others!

The howling of wolves, the roaring of lions, and the sound of other spiritual predators disturb those who belong to Your fold. Therefore, give Your instructions through the Word and the visitations of Your Spirit. Our prayer is like Isaiah's: Here we are, send us!


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