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08/11/2021 - WHERE IS THE TRUE GOD?

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The priests did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’ Those who deal with the law did not know me; the leaders rebelled against me. The prophets prophesied by Baal, following worthless idols. Jeremiah 2.8

The fact that the priests did not preach about where the Lord was – made the Israelites indulge in wrong doctrines. Now, the person without the knowledge of the Truth becomes desperate when problems arise. Then, while using what he has learned, but not succeeding, he accepts the enemy’s offers. The responsibility lies with whom God uses to give in its time the food that everyone needs (Proverbs 29.18). The Lord is faithful!

Those who taught the Law in Israel did not know the Lord, so the people abandoned Him. The teachers of the church must minister the Word with depth. Thus, they will show safe direction to those who listen to them. Otherwise, even they may fall into sin. Even before teaching, the servant must be tested so as not to fall into temptation (1 Timothy 3.10).

No neophyte can be a pastor, because he might sin against God (1 Timothy 3.6). Full knowledge and self-control are required of each one of them. Otherwise, we will hear with sadness about cases of infidelity in the church, as well as in marriage. We must remember that we are at war against the forces of darkness (Ephesians 6.12), and without a doubt – the enemy will try to lead the one who teaches to practice the things forbidden by Scripture. We are representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven (2 Corinthians 5.20). This is serious!

What a disgraceful thing was going on in the ministry in Jeremiah’s days! Even prophets prophesied for Baal. The worship of this false god was the filthiest ever heard of. They say that one of the reasons for the growth of this worship was the inclination to prostitution. There was this precept: a man who wanted to be forgiven for a mistake could take a woman, with or without her consent, and have sexual intercourse with her under a tree.

The worship of Jehovah was orderly and holy, for it brought the presence of the true God. On the other hand, the false cult destined to Baal, had the devil as its master and everything bad happened. In the same way, in the days when the book of Revelation was written, there were the Nicolaitans, people whom Jesus hated (Revelation 2:6,15). They had wives in common, so the weak gave themselves over to error. We need to witness about the Word in holiness, without any doubt that the defiled will not be taken to Heaven by Jesus.

Why walk after what is of no use, if besides being a waste of time – it is a sentence to Hell? Everyone needs to know the Truth, which will set them free from any work of the devil (John 8.32). The Gospel is the power of God, but if we don’t teach what is true, people will follow the prophets of lies. With Christ, people will never commit the absurdities that occur in many places.

Holiness to the Lord is the proclamation of the Gospel. Whoever is in the ministry without a holy life will be given over to Satan (1 Corinthians 5.5). The faithful follower of Jesus, on the other hand, will be invited to enter and possess the Kingdom prepared for him since the foundation of the world (Matthew 25.34).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Justice! Zechariah, John the Baptist´s father, wrote in his song that in holiness and righteousness - we would serve You every day. We want this truth in the lives of Your servants, for they will not serve as a scandal in Your holy work!

Let us find You! Not only preachers ask for this, but also parents, that their children may learn to honor You and do Your will. Deliver us from those who disrespect their own home and that of their neighbor. We beseech You!

Let the teachers of the Law, pastors and prophets never imitate Baal´s worship! Then Your wrath will not overtake them, and they will not depart into perdition. None of the sheep will walk according to that which brings no profit!


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