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Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, And in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.  Psalm 51:6

It´s not enough to have the truth on the tip of your tongue, confessing it and even surprising others with your life considered to be unblemished. The battle is fought even inside the man. Those who join the devil become as liars as he. It is not uncommon to talk to people accused of making mistakes and to listen to them: “It was just a kiss”, as if that were right. Mercy!

Whoever advises those who have committed a transgression, usually hears from them: “We will be sincere before God”. So, they try to deceive the counselor, who is usually a servant guided by the Holy Spirit. However, their way of speaking and gesturing does not convince him. Some cry not only to escape shame, but also to please the devil.

He who practiced iniquity, especially adultery, would do himself great good if he recognized his mistake. Whoever lies before someone who represents the Lord loses the chance to be saved. Ananias and Sapphira delivered their offer to the Jerusalem church, saying it was the total value of the property sold. Peter gave them the opportunity to use sincerity, but they kept up the lie and were killed (Acts 5.1-11).

God does not only want the truth in your mouth, but also in your heart. When your interior is clean, the rest will be clean too. Sin kept in the heart is serious and dangerous, as is the consummation of illicit desire. How can one have fellowship with the Father, while remaining in the hands of the enemy? Crazy is the one who creates an alibi to escape shame. He will only obtain divine forgiveness if he repents!

Do not let the devil make your life, which must be a temple illuminated with good and holy works, his pigsty. Jesus said: For what is abundant in the heart, this is what the mouth speaks of (Mt 12:34). Someone who says something to you and, later, refers to the same subject in other details and denies that he said what you heard and kept, does not deserve your trust, only your prayer.

At the bottom of our interior is the temple of the Lord. As we make a decision to keep His commandments, He lets us know His wisdom. With it, we become powerful tools to destroy the enemy’s strongholds. But without it, nothing can be done. By the wisdom that is given to you in the occult, you start to reign well.

God wants to do for you what He did in Solomon’s life, to give you the end you hope for in your struggles against evil (Jer 29.11). Wisely, David’s son maintained his father’s throne, reigning in such a way that kings and queens came from afar to learn of this wonderful gift. Clean your interior, for the heavenly Father will make you wise!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, Revealer of wisdom! We need to have what You love in our hearts: the truth. We will be successful if Your temple is clean and adorned with Your presence. What a bless!

We want to be used by You only. So, help us to live for You, do Your will and praise Your holy and powerful Name in all our actions. How good it is to be Yours!

We were made by the Lord Jesus kings for You, O God. In order to honor this title, we must know our inner selves and keep ourselves pure. May we never store the devil's garbage in our being! We have to be wise! Amen!


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