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02/06/2021 - WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?

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What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

No matter the battles you’ve been fighting, the forces of evil won’t ever be successful against your life if you’re a faithful servant of the Lord. Those who are covered by the Lord won’t be bothered by envy or people’s wrong attitudes towards them. God is righteous, powerful and invincible in battles. Divine glory will always be your protection. Rejoice and be blessed!

People who don’t know Jesus live under the attacks of the evil one without knowing how much they’re losing. However, no power from hell can face the sons of God. Who are you now? Surrender your life to Christ and evil desires won’t come close to you. Seek His shield to protect you from the attacks of darkness (Psalm 18:10). The Lord will guard you!

When you feel the enemy approaching, don’t listen to his threats, because the Lord says to you: “Do not fear or be dismayed” (2 Chronicles 20:17). You won’t be ashamed or afflicted. That’s how the heroes of faith behaved in the worst situations, and later, it was proved that the enemy’s weapons weren’t effective against them. Keep alert and resist the devil until he leaves your life! (James 4:7)

One time, when it seemed like Israel was almost defeated, God oriented the people to go before the enemy but instead of fighting them, praise the Lord. The Israelites believed and as they praised the Most High, their enemies got confused and started fighting among themselves. The result was they destroyed themselves (2 Chronicles 20:22,23). This is the kind of thing God does on our behalf. Keep walking in His ways without fear and praise the One who is good!

The secret is to be certain that the Almighty One is for you. Even if the evil one comes furiously against your life, when he realizes that you are protected by the infallible Lord, he will have to step down because he knows he has no chance against God. If we have the Lord fighting for us, we won’t ever be defeated. Seek to make things right with the Invincible One and fight with the most powerful weapon ever: your faith in Christ!

Why would the devil declare himself victorious if he has already been defeated? He will never be able to reverse the battle in which Jesus triumphed against the kingdom of darkness and its subjects. Evil won’t ever have a chance to take hold of the servants of God. After all, the One who protects them is All-Powerful; the devil should stay away from Him because He is a consuming fire!

Is there a greater power than the Lord’s? Can the enemy strengthen himself and fight against the Lord? When Satan thought he was powerful, he couldn’t keep the authority he stole from Adam; and he won’t be able to do it now. If you resist him in the name of Jesus, the devil will run away terrified!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God with us! We go into battle knowing that we will overcome. When You are by our side, we don’t need to fight, because You are a man of war. Those who trust in You will never be disappointed.

Circumstances may seem unfavorable, but liars won’t invert their failed position. Lord, You dominate over all and Your eyes protect us every second.

Who can fight against us, oh Lord Almighty! We will never fear the enemy’s tricks. When we remain in You, and Your words in us, nothing else can bother us. We will be successful in the blink of an eye!


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