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01/02/2023 - WHO IS THE LORD OF HOSTS?

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But I am the LORD your God, Who divided the sea whose waves roared—The LORD of hosts is His name. Isaiah 51.15

Those who believe in the Lord need to know Him more, for some compare Him to a powerful man. But the Creator is greater than all men who have ever lived and those who are alive because He is simply God. Our finite mind does not understand why we are here. But when the saved are in Glory, they will know the Most High as they are known of Him (1 Corinthians 13.12). What a loss for those who do not know this!

God identifies Himself as Lord in every situation. Therefore, He is able to solve any difficulty in the twinkling of an eye. The Almighty created the immensity of physical space, the billions of galaxies – each with billions of stars – and keeps everything in perfect peace. Because He is the absolute Lord, He is not afraid of what the nations plot against Him and what men of vain minds plan. God laughs at them for their audacity and lack of wisdom (Psalm 2.1-4). He is complete in love and righteousness!

The Lord Himself claims to be our God, but few people take advantage of this claim. He makes Himself known through the Bible. When the lost receive Him as their God, they become like dreamers, and as they begin to know Him, they are gripped with such fascination that their lives are transformed. Then the thug is converted, and the bad element forsakes the devil and takes on the new faith.

The sea, in this context, represents the forces of the kingdom of darkness, which furiously threaten people in various ways with its terrible waves. However, God has limited the sea, so that it does not go beyond the breakwater (Proverbs 8.29). Here and there, it seems that this extension of salt water will invade the earth and kill everyone, but behind this aberration, there are sins committed against nature, and it comes to take what belongs to it. Without divine love, man will never subdue nature, as God had commanded (Genesis 1.26-28).

When He wills, the Lord splits the sea and His people walk on dry feet; He rebukes the natural forces and they settle down (Exodus 14.21,22; Mark 4.37-41). Isn’t this what Jesus did countless times? Has anyone else performed such deeds? Man has always liked to challenge the Most High, like Nimrod, who built the tower to test the Creator (Genesis 10.8-12; 11.1-9). How innocent was this man of great ability! However, his heart was wicked, so God had to scatter the man over the face of the Earth.

There have been many conquerors in the past – Assyrians, Babylonians, Medo-Persians, Greeks, Romans, etc. As an example, we have Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar of Rome. The latter wept when he was told that Alexander conquered the whole world at the age of 18. As to this, Julius Caesar said, “I am a loser, for at 21 years of age, I have not yet conquered even half of it.” Why such vanity, if his life would soon be over? Why do others act the same way today?

In conclusion: The Name of our God is the Lord of the Armies of Israel. As such, He gives security to those who put their faith in Him. For centuries, dictators of the world have tried in vain to do away with God’s Word. In the end, the man of sin will rise up and rise up against the Lord, and Jesus, when He returns, will kill him with a blow (2 Thessalonians 2.3-8)!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the Armies of Israel! It is good that we have known You and have been called to do Your work. With that, we live with joy and confidence. Even if our lives are taken, we will be with You forever in Heaven.

You are our God! What more do we need if we have You with us? Your Word gives us the protection we need to live in this dangerous world. Even if man makes more laws to stop us from speaking of Your love, people will believe in You just by looking at us!

You split the sea, and it returns to normal. A little bit of Your touch is enough to make men know the truth. So, we offer ourselves to talk about Your plan for mankind. As long as everyone doesn't know You, the world will have problems, but the time now is for love, peace and safety in You!


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