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But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again; though you surely did care, but you lacked opportunity. Philippians 4:10

When we think about those we’ve been helping since the beginning of our journey with the Lord, we relive moments in which the Holy Spirit used us powerfully. It is beautiful to see them taking the first steps in their lives with Christ. By teaching people to listen to the Lord and fear Him, they become our dear children. We then understand that the time we spent so they would become good servants was well invested.

These people deserve more of our love and care, so whenever possible, we should visit them or send messages to make them feel that way. Our relationship with them should be one of a father who takes care of those who are entrusted to him. We must love them and give them attention.

When we receive word from these people, we rejoice by how they learned to love God. Our contribution so they would stand firm in their faith is still producing fruit in their heart, which proves that they are part of divine plans and worthy to be under the Father’s protection. Our help will make them strong when persecuted.

We should proceed in the same way with those the Most High helps us to lead to the faith in Christ. With time, newborn Christians will mature spiritually, because they are a part of God’s family, and we will receive one more “precious stone” to our crown on that day. In the Lord, our work will never be in vain. He is the one who helps us reach precious lives who would die without His presence.

Some may seem withdrawn to the Gospel, with many barriers that stop them from opening their hearts to God. However, divine love uses us in such a way that nothing can stop the Lord’s investments, and the Word is craved onto us in the name of Jesus. When we announce Christ to the lost ones, we are offering Life that will save them and won’t allow them to stumble. We must present them the true joy, our faith in Jesus; after all, someone did it to us in the past. That is what true love means!

Perhaps our sheep are facing some kind of crisis. We should always pray for them, as they are the Lord’s property. In many cases we’re not dealing with people who are perfect and mature in faith, but with people who can’t distinguish between the left and the right hand. We must be patient and treat all of them with love (Jonah 4:10,11). If we don’t, we’ll be acting against the Most High’s work. Who do we serve: the God of love or the devil of hatred?

Children will always be sons and daughters, and their parents won’t ever forget them. Therefore, we can’t disappoint our “spiritual children”, because without a doubt, they won’t forget if we do so. We must rejoice in the Lord for all those He allowed us to “father” in ministry. Children are the reason why we rejoice in the Lord. 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! It is so good to have children in Christ; they were walking to eternal perdition, but they were saved by the work we did and will keep doing in You. We won’t ever trade our true faith by the works of the flesh.

Father, You have been working in so many lives, and because of that, our heart rejoices. It is so satisfying to see that our work was done in You. Thank You for using us to generate children for You. Hallelujah!

May they be able to understand the change that happened in their lives, for it will serve as an inspiration so that we will continue to testify about You. May we never follow any other path apart from You, but may we be faithful in the mission You have given us! Thank You, Father!


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