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A perverse heart shall depart from me; I will not know wickedness Psalm 101.4

What is a wicked heart?  A wicked person has pleasure in harming others, has no mercy for his neighbor and even knowing the Lord does not have the courage to announce the most beautiful message to the lost: the love of Jesus.  Seek from God the wisdom to preach to as many as He places in your path concerning eternal life.  If you do not, your perversion will destroy you.

God is a consuming fire in holiness and power, thus, no human being can approach Him if they have not been born again.  At Judgment, those who have not helped the lost to hear and understand the will of the Lord, and see them sent to the lake of fire and brimstone for all eternity will not remain without punishment and will also have to be separated from the Lord.

When a person with a perverted heart approaches God with evil in mind, he cannot remain before Him for long and moves away.  They know that they must be changed, but will not ask or accept that the Lord transforms them. Where will they be sent to or go if only Christ has the words for eternal life? (John 6:68).  It is very sad when God decides that someone must be separated from Him in order not to be destroyed. 

To depart from God is to move towards the lake of eternal fire, from where one will never be allowed to leave.  Does it pay to harm oneself by sin, even if for “pleasure”?  Honestly no sin brings satisfaction.  The saved must strive to remove all evil that still may exist in his heart; when being summoned to work, one must be approved without restriction.

Those who have an evil heart may even have learned to executive divine works, deluding many men for a long time and believe they have fooled the Lord.  However on that Day, when Jesus commands that they march to perdition, this person may protest, saying they cast out many demons, worked marvels even prophesied in the Name of Christ, but certainly the Lord will say He never knew them. 

You know the wicked by their behavior.  Being evil every chance they get, they do what is prohibited by the Scriptures.  Their natural disposition is controlled by the devil and they feel no pity for those who are doomed to perdition.  Mercy!  In this group they will remain forever those who practiced all sorts of perversity or deception.

The evil man abhors counsel, denies the Lord and sincerely thinks all this is for the boors.  However, when sentenced to eternal suffering, he will go into despair and try to be forgiven, but it will be too late.  Seek to live according to biblical precepts and you will have no complaints, because you will enjoy eternal happiness.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Merciful and good God! How sad to know that many will regret and protest on the last Day, saying they cast out demons, worked wonders and prophesied in Your Name, but You will say that you never knew them.

We pray and intercede for those who are in error.  One day, they gave in to the evil one and began to practice evil.  Those who believe that You are not holy and zealous with Your Word are completely mistaken. Father!  Have mercy on these lives.

That all those who have a wicked heart may depart from the devil and draw near to You!  If not, they will realize how much they hurt Your heart, corrupting Your work and not listening to You.  Thank You for having transformed us!


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