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14/04/2019 - WHOM SHOULD WE AVOID?

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Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, Titus3:10

One of the weapons placed by the devil in the hands of those who still don´t have God´s judgment established in their heart is heresy, which harms the divine work a lot. These people are weak and think they understand the matters of the Most High. Therefore, after they are taught by some filthy demon, they go in the middle of the holy people. This way, many forsake the Lord and do what is wrong before His eyes. 

When you notice somebody teaching something outside from the Word because they deem to be “good” to the people or because there is a evil intent, warn that person severely, even though they might consider themselves to be clean and a servant of God. Unfortunately, they are serving the devil. If he continues to act this way, he will contaminate other people. Strive to be in good terms with the Lord, so that He might use you and honor what you speak. Elijah rebuked Ahab before sending the drought that lasted three and a half years. 

Heresies come with such a hellish power, that such are able to drive away many people from the simple faith, which was what Jesus preached. Such heresies come with aberrations that are of the devil, who struggles to implant his lies in the church and cause a big leak in it. Christ command to Peter was for him to take care of His sheep (John 21:17). I have seen many wicked doctrines invade the church. However, the Most High will deliver us from all of them. Halleluiah!

When the leaders give in to Satan´s lies, they become dangerous people and, no matter how much their ministry seems to be standing still, when the cycle of “revelations” comes to an end, the sheep that did not follow the majority who despised God will be weak and useless. Therefore, the doctrinal errors are sent to cause harm to the divine work. Unfortunately, the devil manages to sow chaff amongst the wheat (Matthew 13:30). 

With a doubt, Jeroboam would have made a good government in the recently founded kingdom of the North, because Ahijah the prophet found him and said that the separation of the ten tribes from David´s house had the Lord´s approval ( 1 Kings 11:31). If he had sought the Most High, Jeroboam would not have been afraid of those who faced him asking him for wicked reforms. However, later on, he proved to be a heretic by lifting up two calves of gold and declaring that such had removed the Israelites out of Egypt ( 1 Kings 12:28).  

Ahijah´s madness didn’t go further because there was a young prophet during those days who heard the voice of the Omnipotent God still in Bethel and condemned the altar the king lifted up in Samaria ( 1 Kings 13:2,32).  God´s power at that moment was so enormous that when the king stretched out his hand to command the prophet to be imprisoned, his hand withered and only came back to normal when he made amend with the Lord, and then the prophet of God prayed ( 1 Kings 13:6). 

We cannot play with those that are heretics, but we must avoid such after the first and second admonition. The generation that is being prepared by the Lord to continue with His work cannot be contaminated by those who speak what they want and the church does nothing. The command is to avoid those who lie to the people of God. Therefore, do not be fooled! Be a faithful and obedient servant; this way, you will help the divine work immensely. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the healthy doctrine! You are not looking for a temple filled with people who guarantee that they love You, but they put up with the teachings of “Jezebel”. You are looking for worshipers who worship You in Spirit and in Truth.

We need to stop competing with others who say what they feel comes from You and we need to show them where You truly are, in the Word. If there are heretics giving false testimonies, teaching devilish doctrines in Your altar, what are we doing then? 

We want to see Your work like a true vine, producing the most beautiful fruits. We cannot allow the wicked ones to tarnish the vine. The secret is for us to seek Your Spirit to admonish those people the right way. Those who don’t accept will be cut off.


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