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You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; The LORD abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. Psalm 5:6

Lying is so repugnant in the eyes of the Lord that He warns us: It will destroy those who give themselves to the devil and deceive others. We are of the Truth, so we cannot let the evil use us to tarnish the divine work. Wherever you go, be God’s servant. If you give in to the enemy in some way and, when asked, hide your actions, you will make one of the worst mistakes. Be careful!

Satan can enter the life of a person who allows himself to be deceived. She can pretend to have done nothing wrong when someone suspects her transgression. No one is as foolish as those who are in the hands of the enemy and lacks the truth in order to get rid of his misconduct. Now, to deny a wrong attitude, knowing that someone else has noticed, is to be destined to the judgment of God.

If you get out of normal, those who live before God will notice. If he asks the reason for your wrongdoing and you do not reveal it, you will exclude yourself from the divine family. Without confessing the error, God himself will be his enemy; after all, if He supported their conduct, He would be responsible for their eternal loss. Mercy! Through King David the Lord warned that He would destroy the liar. It’s time to take this load off your shoulders!

There is nothing better than giving or asking for explanations, doing so with all due respect. Imagine that a person is tempted by someone and wonders if that has crossed his heart, but that individual hides the truth. In addition to being guilty, he fell into a greater sin: he lied. The person who saw the other’s procedure will feel bad for suspecting such a thing. Well, being honest and forthright only does good and helps to avoid stumbling.

Ananias and Sapphire’s mistake was not to have part of the value of the sale of the property. After all, the total received was theirs; thus, they owed no explanations to anyone. The problem was to hide the truth to receive the applause of others. When Peter asked them the question, of course, the Holy Spirit told them to confess, but they did not (Acts 5: 1-10). Jesus is the truth!

The Israelites lied to the Lord, though they flattered Him with their mouths, because their hearts were not right with Him. Unfortunately, today, among God’s people, many do so. They are not only destroyed the moment they try to deceive the Almighty, because He is merciful. However, on that Day, the Most High shall not act in mercy, but according to the right judgment and condemn them. Oh, oh, oh!

Make sure the devil has not used you to lie! If so, there is still time to be forgiven. But if you continue like this, you will no longer find the love of God and then march toward eternal torment. Get it right now. The Lord is ready to hear you. Come on!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of peace! Before You, we declare who we are, what we have done, and have failed to do. We need forgiveness and help. The burden of deception is very heavy and separates us from You. We beg for Your mercy!

We must remember those who reached out to us, helping us at the beginning of everything. Everything we do for them will be little. To use someone's wisdom without valuing you is to act like the thief who steals something from you.

We can never let the devil use us to sadden those who truly loved us and did our best to right us in life. We need to honor You for Your deeds on our behalf. Bless all those who helped us!


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