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17/03/2021 - WHO’S TO BLAME?

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“Now let no man contend, or rebuke another; For your people are like those who contend with the priest. Hosea 4:4

We can’t blame other people and point fingers, when inside of us the voice of God is convincing us of our own faults. Many times we think they are simple mistakes, but they separate us from the Most High and drive us to the bottom of the pit. People who are by your side shouldn’t be tempting you so later you will be used by the enemy to condemn them. Watch out!

It’s part of human nature to exclude themselves when they were the authors of some evil deed. When we act with recklessness, the devil celebrates one of his greatest victories. His greatest desires are chaos and frustration to take over those who acted like fools to obtain favor. People who witness a servant’s behavior can interpret wrongly. Human beings will only conclude they’re wrong with the help of the Holy Spirit!

When Adam deliberately ate from the fruit and was questioned by God, he replied with his version of the story. He said that the woman, the perfect companionship who was by his side, gave him the fruit. Right, but that wasn’t the question. The answer should have been a request for forgiveness. Those who don’t obey divine orders blame others. They should watch and pray so they won’t fall into a trap!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of honor and praise! We must be vigilant; by doing that, we won’t be compromised with the enemy. If we give him ears, we will be responsible for the loss many will suffer by remaining in sin.

We must examine in light of Scripture everything people bring to us. That’s why we ask for Your wisdom, so we will never accept anything from the evil one. Your assistance will help us discern the origin of things. We only want to live to love You!

Paul and Barnabas didn’t fear the reaction of the multitude, but together with the people, they protested and asked to be considered as men just like the others. Acting that way, they proved they loved You and You were glorified. Amen!


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