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For they shall eat, but not have enough; they shall commit harlotry, but not increase; because they have ceased obeying the Lord. Hosea 4:10

Nowadays, the lack of respect regarding God’s warnings is excessive. It seems like people have surrendered completely to evil practices. The truth is that man has always walked in crooked paths. All throughout history, nations that allowed and encouraged lust fell into disgrace. The same will happen to those who surrender to this sin. It happened even in Israel!

From one moment to another, evil people took possession of the Northern Kingdom and did all they could to provoke the anger of the Lord. Since He is long-suffering, the rebels didn’t physically die as a consequence of these attitudes, but they surely died spiritually. History shows how these crazy and insensible sinners who provoked the Lord ended. The same will happen soon!

The thirst for the works of the flesh is great and the desire to practice iniquity has been voracious. However, those who make fun of God’s holy ones and who refuse to obey His commands, will eventually realize they took the wrong path as they are led to eternal perdition. The question is: why would anyone do what is forbidden by the Creator, rebelling against Him?

It is very hard to understand people who mistake love with profligacy and lack self-control. We can’t accept the fact that there are people among us who still do things they have already been delivered from. God’s truth is greater than man’s lies, but some do what they shouldn’t and go against the Word.

People who take this path that has no way back, seeking pleasures and satisfaction, are surrendering to the king of hell in search for deeper sins. Since they can’t separate good and evil anymore, they fall into the devil’s offers. The priests act as prostitutes: if they don’t receive something in return for their “work”, they’ll do nothing. The mistakes committed by those who should confront sinners lead more people to accept temptation.

Why abandon the Lord to worship other gods? By doing that, disobedient people contribute to the perdition of millions of souls. We must be men and women of God, in midst of this corrupted generation. If we fail the mission that was given to us, it will be worthless to cry before the Father. There is no gain for those who live in sin!

We have the Truth with us at all times. Therefore, we must listen to the Lord, who warns us about the lies of the enemy, so we won’t fall into his claws. May God help those who trailed the path of sin in the past to walk away from it. If they remain in this condition, soon they won’t exist anymore. 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord of our salvation! We don’t want to commit the same mistakes as the priests of the Northern Kingdom, who left You to enjoy sinners’ food. Because of that, they were severely warned about the lust that destroyed their lives.

The people need servants who love You and know how to lead them to You. That way, many will awaken in time to receive salvation. Otherwise, if they are condemned, there will be no revocation of the penalty, even after millenniums.

They eat, but they’re not satisfied; they promise but don’t fulfill their promises, because they’re slaves of the kingdom of deceit. We ask for Your mercy, because we must save people from the fire. We can’t allow the devil to destroy so many people!


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