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30/06/2022 - WHY DO WE LACK?

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Therefore the heavens above you withhold the dew, and the earth withholds its fruit. Haggai 1:10

Of one thing we can be sure: if something is lacking in our life or if there is a curse on us or on our family, then there is a serious flaw. The remedy is to ask the Lord to show us our mistake, or what we have failed to do. Now, the curse can only do its destructive work if it finds a breach in our journey (Proverbs 26:2). If, through repentance, we close the opening used by the enemy, evil will cease. Pray!

We can never measure or compare spiritual matters with events in the world, which lies in the evil one. Therefore, we will not draw any lessons from it. In fact, God is the only One to whom we should always turn to. As the Creator of all things, He knows how we should act in every situation. Don’t put off getting right with the Lord. With the door shut, the evil one will never enter.

A lack of interest for God’s statutes and judgments deprives us from receiving blessings. Furthermore, our disregard for the Word of the Lord contributes with the misfortunes in our lives. If there is anyone who can never be upset with us, it is our heavenly Father, because from Him comes what is necessary for us to live well and defeat the onslaughts of the evil one (James 1:17). By the way, this is a good time to get right with Him!

The damage of failing to heed the Scriptures about what belongs to us is ours and of those who should learn from our obedience. We become responsible for the suffering of these people; after all, both the sin of omission and commission are disastrous for those who commit them. Therefore, we must watch our attitudes. God sees the intentions of the heart – the reasons that led someone to proceed in a certain way.

In Heaven there is no evil, but the wisdom of the Omniscient God. Therefore, He has to command that His power does not help us to prosper or to avoid some suffering, because the greatest loss is eternal damnation, and He wants to deliver us from this, although many times, we have already assumed it. In order that we may return to faith and wisdom, He makes His power not to help us while we are in error, for if He did nothing, the loss would be eternal. The Lord is just in His decisions. Be thankful and watchful!

Now, if the dew doesn’t come, neither will the rain come, and the outcome will be serious problems. The discipline of the Lord is carried out to deliver us from that which tortures us. When the saved do wrong, the Holy Spirit goes into action, convincing them of their sin, and the devil also goes into action convincing them that “everybody does it and there’s no problem in doing so”. But if the Scriptures condemn such error, why approve of it? Never forsake the Word of the Lord!

Here is the result of our rebellion: the land ceases to produce the desired fruit. The earth is good and obeys the Creator’s orders. Therefore, we need to get right with the Creator, based on the Bible – the Manual of Right Procedures. Once you get right with God, and this is possible through confession, you will be free from sin and will be able to receive again the guidance of the eternal and kind Father. Live with Him and be happy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, Giver of all good! It is beautiful to meditate on Your teachings. It gives us the opportunity to restart again and again. So, we come before You, in the Name of Jesus, to confess our faults committed in thoughts, words, and deeds!

Forgive us and we shall be forgiven; heal us and we shall be healed; strengthen us and we will be strong enough to honor Your holy Name and Your eternal Word. We long for the days of Your good and beautiful revelations!

Heaven will send us the dew and the showers of blessings. Once we have obtained forgiveness, we can lift our heads and walk the Way, worshiping You. Nothing will separate us from You. The Promised Land, the Gospel, will never hold back Your fruits!


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