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The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it that its works are evil. John 7:7

The Gospel message goes beyond what we need today, because what Christ spoke to the Jews of His day serves for us as well. No problem will be solved by magic, but with determination and faith. The world cannot hate us, because any human government, whether dictatorial or democratic, does not serve God. Our only escape is faith in Jesus.

Satan’s hatred is notorious in people’s various attitudes against the Church of Christ. The Lord’s Bride is not contaminated by the actions of the lost. The Church cannot bow to the proposals of the unscrupulous or those who condemn the harvest of God. We will always move forward as long as we keep the Father’s commandments. Are we of Christ or not?

Stay alert! The Master said that the world cannot hate us, but it hates Christ. So all the devil wants is for us to bow to their persecutions and threats. To have us in his hands is the enemy’s greatest desire, because, apart from the Savior we will do no harm to him or his legacy of destruction. Beware of the enemy’s offerings; Jesus refused them all!

We must testify that the works of the world and its agents are perverse. They do not admit this, because they do not understand that supporting sin places them under the authority of Satan. The key to escape temptation is to bow at the Lord’s feet,  being watchful and praying. When a Christian accepts any suggestion from the wicked, he is lost forever.

To keep in communion with the Father, Jesus woke up early and would pray in a deserted place. Other times he did that from sunset until dawn. Who does not seek the divine remains in the hands of the evil one. There are only two sources that governs man’s decision: God and the accuser. Which one have you been leaning toward? The adversary will make absurd proposals to take us out of God’s presence. Therefore, be watchful and pray!

As long as mundane things don’t hate you, the enemy will continue to act in your life. He who approves of what is evil has already given himself to him. Man cannot see that behind an attempt that keeps him from obeying the commandments is a strategy of the devil to bring him out of communion with the Lord. Respecting the Word will keep you safe.

If you love the world, God’s love will not be in your heart. However, love the people on earth who are surrounded by all kinds of temptation. No one is responsible for what the devil shows, but those who have fallen need light to break free. Remember: your freedom was earned on the cross.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Master and Comforter! Our struggle is not only to reject what the world offers us, but also to do your will. Before You we ask for Your help in the face of temptation. We reject the temptations of the enemy.

We must be wise never to leave Your beautiful and holy presence. May Your love lead us on the way and present us to You without wrinkle or scar caused by sin!

There will never be agreement between you and the world, even though the devil proposed it when you offered all the gold and glory of the world. Therefore, we cannot accept agreement with the satanic system reigning on Earth. We love you!


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