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25/06/2019 - WHY GOD PUNISHES US

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As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.  Revelation 3.19

Addressing the church of Laodicea, considered carnal by theologians, the Lord starts saying that it is neither cold nor hot (v. 16). He desired that it be cold or hot. The cold offers a rational service; the hot is full of the Spirit which acts in obedience to His direction. It is necessary to examine how you have been living. If you do not live in the Spirit certainly God will say the same to you.  Mercy!

He not only will not bear the fact that one of His sons is only warm in faith, Christ says He is ready to vomit you. It is incoherence of the saved when he decides not to fight for his right and decides not to live by faith. We were redeemed to fight against the powers which try to overtake us and now they do not want other lost people to be saved. We must fight against them and win; otherwise we will be vomited.

Some consider themselves financially well and do not seek the Almighty. It is a great wrong to do this. If they possess wealth, they think of not “bothering’ the Lord but this is not the real motive.  Honestly, many avoid bothering Him because He might give them a mission. Those who behave in this manner have not yet understood their position to be taken up in the Kingdom of God. If they had understood they would always seek to be useful.

They who are rich and lack nothing need to seek the true wealth which will never be taken from them (Matthew 6:20). The Bible warns that before the fall the heart of man will be full of pride (Proverbs 16:18). This is so because the heart is desperately deceitful and wicked and cannot be known. Jesus said that this person is wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked (Revelation 3:17).

The Lord counsels us to by gold tested in  the fire from Him in order to gain wealth, besides white garments to dress, so we can cover our shameful nakedness (Revelation 3:18). This gold is understood as when the faith is tested, tried and approved.  Therefore, never rebel when facing tribulations. The gold, when submitted to the fires, becomes rid of all impurity which no doubt would cause you some harm. 

Faith that is tested and tried in the fire gives us warranty that we will overcome the adverse and evil situations which occur in our journey. The Christians should never flee from trials nor accept any help from the flesh. If they never face oppositions, they will never be prepared for the great assaults. When one does come upon them they will be defeated. 

Use the revelations from the Almighty as eye-drops; then your eyes will see the opportunities offered by Him. Accept the admonitions from Heaven and be zealous in fulfilling your calling.  When reprimanded, repent, because the heavenly Father is doing this for your own good. 

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, beloved Admonisher! We have to be responsive to Your touch. If you reprehend us it is for our benefit. If we are zealous, and do not rebel against You, we will see how good it is to do Your will. 

We want the gold that is approved by fire! We will pay such worth with Your rescue in our trials.This way we have the true wealth which will never end and never be taken from us. This way, we will be victorious. 

Always give us the opportunity to use Your eye-drops, to make clear our sight. We are sure that You want to show us those greater things which we have yet to see and they will never harm us. That we may feel Your presence forever!


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