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‘For among My people are found wicked men;They lie in wait as one who sets snares;They set a trap;They catch men. Jeremiah 5:26

The world has become so evil! Men, our fellowmen, have been so full of wickedness that they are used by the devil to wrap us in the traps of Hell. Only with the help of God will we be able to get rid of the sad and deceitful situations set up by Satan before us. They have the evil power to bind us. Once  we are entangled by it, all good things in us will disappear.

The worst thing that can happen to a saved is that he loses his ability to salt others, by giving himself up to error. Then, nothing else works out in his life. Sadly, many people did not stay alert and sinned. Instead of repenting and converting, they invented things that did not come from the Most High and entangled themselves in the mud of sin. Oh! If these lives woke up from such diabolical sleep and turned back to the Lord! There is still time!

There should be only saints in the midst of God’s people, but since some do not repent of their iniquities, they become agents of Satan to lead their families into perdition. First, they convince their spouse to accept the lie, for if they speak the truth, they will not be able to sustain themselves – Ananias did this (Acts 5: 1-10). Then they lead their children to tread the evil path; then the entire family falls into the clutches of the enemy. Eternal torment will be their outcome. 

Instead of standing before Christ’s feet, seeking gifts to improve people’s behavior before God, they are spying on those who are already servants of the devil, trying to prove that faith in Christ is not true and God’s love fails to do what it has promised. Now, that is such a hellish nonsense. Why does one draw away from good things, refuses divine forgiveness, and sinks into Satan´s filthiness?

The world has much to teach those who have lost judgment and faith. People in these conditions are servants of the devil and will satisfy the pleasures of their master. Their fate will be the worst possible. Every day they refuse to listen to the still and soft voice of the Spirit of God, and they reject the offers of the Good Shepherd. Now they want to lead others to the path of darkness. Poor people! They will live in darkness eternally!

Never believe in a wicked or befriend him. The saved who has fellowship with one who is astray, denies the Lord of holiness. There is no reason to spend a single minute with that person. Listen, we can speak to the ungodly, be firm and wisely remind him of the teachings of the Bible, to repent of his wrong behavior.

The bonds that the evil one teaches the wicked, in order to bind you, have the ability to trap you in the hellish webs. So stay alert and pray when you speak to someone who has fallen into error. Thus, you will not be a new victim of the enemy.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, great Deliverer! No bond of the devil will bind us if we are in Your hands. Therefore, help us when we talk to whoever has gone astray. After all, Your ability is infinitely greater and better than that of Satan.

Your Word declares that wicked men are found among Your people. They are not Yours. Unfortunately, if they do not convert, they never will be. They serve as messengers from Hell to draw us out of Your hands. But You protect us and keep us.

Annul the enemy's attempts to ensnare us, giving us the power to pluck some wicked ones from the eternal fire. Give us wisdom to proclaim Your Word. The adversary cannot deceive us or trap us if we are filled with Your Spirit. Amen!


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