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When its boughs are withered, they will be broken off; the women come and set them on fire. For it is a people of no understanding; therefore He who made them will not have mercy on them, and He who formed them will show them no favor.   Isaiah 27.11

Never let your faith dry up, nor the understanding gained from God’s Word get out of your control. Otherwise, that will be the end of your walk with God, and what happens then? Well, when the revelation of the Scriptures ceases to exist in a life, it is led to transgress in a serious way. Thus, their happiness will be compromised. Certainly, someone strays from the straight ways of the Lord because they don´t confess their sins. Repent!

Our faith journey resembles normal life. There are times when the enemy comes to us and we don’t even realize that his presence brings temptation. But if we have the fear of God in our heart, we will resist the offers of evil and we will be more steadfast in God’s love. Now, if we do not have this love, which comes from obeying the Lord, we will pay attention and do the will of the evil one. Don’t be his servant!

If your spiritual structure withers, it will be broken as when the branches of a plant wither. Never allow the enemy to do with you what he wants. If you love your life appropriately, you will run to the Most High for mercy. The devil is a liar; if you give him a loophole, you will be a laughingstock to others. Turn to the Lord, confess your dirty desires, and be forgiven.

No one has to tell you what is right and wrong, for the Creator does that whenever temptation comes (1 Corinthians 10.13). Therefore, take the God-given help and get rid of all iniquity (Hebrews 12.1,2). A person only falls because they made a wrong decision. However, even so, there is still hope for them. If they truly repent and reveal their error to the Lord and to those whom they have disappointed, they will recover completely. Believe and be delivered from evil!

If you harden your neck and resist the voice of the Holy Spirit, who shows you in Scripture the way to recover, you will be lost and suffer greatly (Proverbs 29.1). The Lord made you to be a blessing, not to live shamefully. If you love yourself, flee from error as quickly as possible. Even if you are in pieces, come to God. He is merciful and good, and will restore and renew you. The Heavenly Father’s dream about you never dies!

This message was written because the One who made you does not give up on you. He loves you and wants to see you free from the wrong life. As I write this, at 5:32 a.m., I feel the Spirit of the Lord prompting me to give you the true message of the cross, which is summed up in the cry Christ gave before dying: It is finished (John 19:30). Believe and live! But go to Jesus the way you are, because the devil will try to convince you to wait – until you are “ready” for such a step.

Your moment is now. God is looking into your heart, waiting for your yes, in order to take action and solve your problems. Everything will be changed right now; all you have to do is tell the Lord that you want to be saved. So, act immediately!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, true love! There is no denying that You are in this message, for this person to be set free from their transgressions, and they are praying. We have sinned in many ways, so we ask for forgiveness and the necessary help to start over!

We acknowledge that we sin through words, thoughts and deeds. In doing so, we suffer what no one should wish for their worst enemy. However, Your love convinces us that You are what we need. Lord, we accept that You change our ways!

We surrender ourselves to You and thank You for what You have spoken to our hearts now. We don't want to go one millimeter further down the path of error, but start over by following Your direction. Nothing will stop us from serving You, for the love You have shown for us overcomes our sins!


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