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19/12/2019 - WOE TO THOSE ASTRAY

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As for such as turn aside to their crooked ways, The Lord shall lead them away With the workers of iniquity. Peace be upon Israel! Psalm 125:5

No person who has strayed from the Lord can justify his behavior on Judgment Day. She must keep in mind that the Truth sets free, and the moment they heard of Jesus and believed, they were set free. However, some were led by the temptation of sensuality, the love of money and the cares of life, distancing themselves from God. Poor lives!

Whoever has gone into crooked ways knows that he has done this by heeding the devil´s voice, who not only deceived Adam and Eve, but also deceives them. If our parents did not remain in the Lord´s Garden, the rebels will not remain in salvation either. Never use any excuse, but confess your mistake and return to God. Listen to the Holy Spirit´s voice!

The man who walks the path of corruption, being as evil and perverse as the rest of Hell, will be cast into outer darkness. Unfortunately, many do not know the harm they do to themselves by giving in to the evil one. For sure, they will be taken along with all evildoers. God is the righteous Judge and will judge those who align with the devil. There is still time to repent, but it has to be now!

Why delay your eternal happiness, failing to honor the Lord and getting dirty and lying with the adversary? We can only engage with God, who is holy and pure in His actions. If we do that, we will guarantee our entry into Heaven. Do not let evil or sin take hold of you. Live faith in Christ the way Jesus himself lived before the Father. He sought to see what the Most High did!

The world will pass, as well as its corruption, but he who carries out divine will endures forever (1 John 2:17). Do not be fooled by the persuasive words of human wisdom or the sinful offerings. Everyone can fulfill the desires of evil, but God’s servants can´t. We are destined to the eternal Kingdom of Jesus, so we must not engage with anything sinful. Living righteously is good today and in the future!

When the Lord comes in His glory, those who resist the Truth will cry out in fear and, like Esau the profane, will seek in tears to find repentance, and will not succeed. At this moment they will be commanded to march toward eternal fire. Repent now, for the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Confess God your sins and be forgiven.

The Bible reports that some have a remorseful conscience, but at the same time the mind is seared. As a result, they do not realize that they have to do something else: acknowledge the mistake, forsake it, and seek divine forgiveness. You only have one choice that will give you salvation, take it right now. Tomorrow may be late, too late. So, make up your mind!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We come before You to confess our transgressions. You know them well! We acknowledge that we have sinned in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Forgive us, Father. We take hold of the gift of salvation.

Look at this person led by You to read these words, who repents of the evils he has done and asks for Your forgiveness. Save this life by Your love already revealed on the cross of Calvary. We belong to You!

We have been deceived by the enemy, and demonic pleasure has taken over our lives. Thus, we have done what is not good, what is wrong and dirty, and seen the devil lead our life. However, right now, we turn back to You.


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