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21/12/2019 - WORDS ON FIRE

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Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: “Because you speak this word, Behold, I will make My words in your mouth fire, And this people wood, And it shall devour them.  Jeremiah 5:14

In the days of Jeremiah, the Israelites were more inclined to material prosperity than to the Most High. Therefore, they would pay a high price. Today, so will those who distance themselves from God by choosing the devil’s crumbs. Just as in elections, many lie to be elected, so Satan seeks to deceive the weak in faith. Watch out!

It is decreed by the Lord, and He will not turn back. Traitors will pay dearly for their attitude. Many people today are turning their backs on God and turning to the enemy. Unfortunately, they crave prosperity. The accumulation of goods, nice houses, and other desires of the flesh will lead them to ruin.

Judah did not repent and saw the Babylonians lead their people into captivity. Jeremiah had said that they would be in the hands of the enemy for 70 years, and it happened just like that. The time of exile in Hell will be eternal without the slightest chance of coming out.  How do the lost think? I also wanted to know this, but there are believers thinking like them!

While tempted, they were not to blame, but when they fell into temptation, ignoring the Lord, they became accomplices to the accuser. What they did not know, nor would they believe, was that the Word, in the lips of the prophet, would be like a consuming fire. We can´t understand how the Church of the Law was led into captivity and did not repent of its mistakes. And what does the current one do?

Few heed Jesus’ main command: Go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Many people lived under Satan’s rule, without peace or prosperity, but they converted and God prospered them. However, they despised the Most High, seeking the works of the flesh. What will sinners do when the wood begins to burn?

Whoever goes back to the devil´s clutches will see the Word that once set them free turn into unquenchable fire. This conversion will happen for sure. Poor man who ignores this warning and does not convert! In no time, he will be thrown into the abyss and will be in endless suffering.

Don’t take that risk! The rebel people will be turned into wood. The Word will become fire. Save yourself now! God loves you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Transforming God! It is terrible not to pay attention to You! You will turn Your Word into a consuming fire. Help us to snatch many from the lake of sulfur, leading them to Your Kingdom of love and peace!

This statement is good for us! When we rebuke the enemy, we are certain that Your Word, coming out of our mouth, will consume the enemy's work. Thank You for using us the same way you used the Savior!

The Israelites would become wood, and Your Word would be turned into Fire. This will happen to the rebels. Father, we must have wisdom and love to save the lost. To You be the glory! Amen!


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