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05/09/2019 - WORK COMPLETED

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I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them;Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. Psalm 18:37

When speaking and acting like a prophet, David was used to reveal what Jesus would do to Satan and his demons a thousand years later. Not only did he speak several words, presumptuously; David fought his enemies and did not set them free, but destroyed them with the power with which God had clothed him. We must behave this way, for we have been delivered from the devil´s clutches, and in the Name of Jesus we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37). 

The Creator did not accept the evil done by the devil against men. However, since man consciously obeyed the enemy, God had no choice but to wait for everything to be completed and His Son come into the world to take our place of suffering. Thus, He would descend to Hell and defeat the adversary. Today, evil has been stripped of its power (Hebrews 2:14), so now, we can go against Satan and defeat him completely and with ease. 

The work of salvation was completed in detail. All the points were accomplished by the wonderful work of Jesus in our behalf. Now it is up to each one to pursue their enemies, reach them and not come back until we have defeated them. God knew that His Son, the second Adam, would not fail in His mission. By beating the devil, Christ would leave this vile being defeated forever.

The power we receive when baptized in the Holy Spirit is enough to rise up, go after our oppressor and destroy him. So do not cry and say that God does not love you. React and, once you believe in the sacrifice of Jesus, initiate the persecution against your troublemakers, without giving them the chance to get up and attack you. In Christ, you have already defeated them.

There is no way Satan can overcome the battle against the son of God who wishes to deliver you from the Satanic yoke. Understand: biblical examples will guide you to victory. The work of God in your favor should be the basis for you to assume your place in Christ and ordain all evil to be undone. No evidence of evil should be tolerated, but you have to take on your position in Christ and fight to the end.

The demon that torments you must be struck with the authority from God, to the point of not rising up again. As long as you don´t put yourself in the position of a winner and don´t give your command to the devil to take everything from him and get out of your life, he will not let you go. Right now, in the Name of the Lord, demand all evils to disappear, and then consider yourself blessed. You’ve waited too long. Act now!

God wants to see you freed from evil, taking your place in Christ and setting an example to the new generation of Christians, so that they may become victorious warriors. Your success will honor the Lord and will also lead your brethren in Christ to succeed. Right now, just do one thing: act in the Name of Jesus.

In Christ, withlove,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We are grateful for revealing what we have to do. We will not give rest to our enemies, nor rest until we have succeeded. They and their works cannot continue ruling over  our life.

In Your Name we will destroy them. In the workmanship Jesus, who went to Hell by Himself, fought the devil and all demons and defeated them, we will also give You glory, for You have already clothed us with authority to carry out this noble mission.

We will not stop until we reach those who command the forces of evil and make us suffer. You deserve the praise of what we will accomplish with Your anointing. In Your Name, whoever stands against us will not resist. Amen!


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