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“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ Matthew 5.27

The idea of family formation came from God’s heart. He prepared the man and the woman to be a perfect couple, one completing the other. The Lord planned the man to be the head of the family, and to the woman He gave the blessing of gestation of children. With the entrance of sin into the world, due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the union of man and woman suffered the temptation of infidelity condemned by God.

There is only one way for the adulterer to be saved: by repenting of his transgression and returning to the arms of the eternal God. In marriage, there is nothing wrong in the intimacy of a couple, unless it is not nature with nature (Hebrews 13.4). Surely, the enemy desires to lead both of them to prostitution, deviating from the divine plan. However, as the Word says, those who have fallen into this sin and have not repented have the mark of treachery and will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Corinthians 6.10).

The marriage bed can never be a reason for jokes, much less for making fun of what the Creator has determined. Because we are born in sin, even some who think they are saved like to make fun of this part of the Lord’s plan. It is beautiful to attend a wedding and see the bride and groom happy to start a new family. This should be honored by all.

About the holiness of the marriage bed, the Lord says: Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge (Hebrews 13.4). Imagine how the Lord feels about those who dishonor other households, with jokes and flirting, for example. Woe to him who leans into adultery, for that will bring him closer to the flames of the lake of fire and brimstone, where he will be sent if he does not make things right. Pray!

The world, which lies in the wicked one (1 John 5.19), sees nothing wrong with the sexual act between unmarried people, saying that it is even salutary. How can anyone dare to approve of something that will lead others to the second death, to eternal separation from God (Revelation 21.8)? The worst thing is to know that, among the saved, many have lived this way. While the lost consider this to be normal, the Bible says its fornication, in some Bible translations “impurity” (Hebrews 12.16). He who has good judgment will follow the Lord’s precepts.

For mankind, adultery is the intimate relationship between a man and a woman who are not spouses of each other, but Jesus warned about this, saying that lusting after someone with impure intentions is also considered adultery (Matthew 5.27-30). This act separates the one who does it from the Creator and will cause them to be condemned. Such sinners do not have the fear of God, for they have despised the Word of the Lord and will therefore taste eternal punishment.

With infidelity in marriage, children can come as a result of a filthy act that leads those around the cheating couple to terrible suffering in this life. The only way for adulterers to be forgiven is by complete repentance and confession of sin to God (Psalms 51 and 32). Furthermore, anyone who collaborates with this kind of sin, justifying it, will suffer eternal punishment, for he has served as an accomplice, convinced that there is no harm in it. Be vigilant!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the Creator of the family! Your plans are wonderful, and for them we praise and thank You. However, those who do not understand the Truth let themselves be carried away by the offers of the flesh, and then do not come to their senses. Mercy!

When You commanded, "Thou shalt not commit adultery," this became a law, and with Your help, we will not be swallowed up by the lies of the devil. We pray for those who have fallen away, that they may repent and come back into Your presence. If they depart in error, they will perish

We have to warn people about these snares of the enemy, who makes the unwary examine the matter from his perspective. As a result, many have gone astray. Give us the anointing to snatch away those who are about to depart and are in error. Help them with Your salvation!


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