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These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots. Jude 1:12

Jude, an apostle of Jesus, was used to write to us about something serious about the wicked in our midst. These people show up as spots in our love feasts for God, in which the Lord works wonders, signs and miracles through healing, deliverance, and salvation. They try to imitate what we do, but due to their sins, they exchange God’s grace for dissoluteness. They don’ have good conscience and are not bothered doing wrong.

These people feast with us and speak like us. Thus, it seems like they do the will of the Most High, but in fact, they have the mark of the enemy on themselves. Poor lives! One day, they knew the Lord, but they also knew the devil and gave it more credit, despising the Biblical warnings against sin. Unfortunately, these people will be similar to the angels that did not remain in their designed roles. 

These workers of evil serve only themselves, and their god is their carnal and sensual desires (Ph 3.19). They tend themselves without any fear. Whoever wishes to please God and be saved must stay away from them. As it happened with Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, these people will also be swallowed by the earth and devoured by fire (Numbers 16:24-34). Why should someone be deceived by evil if it is always so good and blessed to walk with the Lord? Judgement will be cruel for those who knew the Truth, but did not practice it!

What is the point of clouds without water, if they do not water the land? In the same manner, what is our use if we are not filled with the precious liquid that cleanses people from their mistakes and bad remembrances? Our message in the pulpit or individually must be a blessing, but in order for that to happen, we must remain at the feet of Christ. On the contrary, our baskets will always be empty, and we will feed no one. The clouds only bring joy to the farmers if they have water.

Christians should be watchful when the wicked or those who call themselves godly declare something. The trees are known by their fruit (Matthew 7:16). Being so, we must examine what everyone says. Nothing good will come out of a wicked mouth, even if it only repeats what it heard from the Lord’s servants. We expect good things from a righteous person, however there are many who are deceived by winds of doctrine and complicate more than help.

Many are like withered trees, for they have nothing to add or transmit. Others are unfruitful, for they do not seek to know the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. When they are enlightened by the Word, they discard what they were transmitted. By doing so, they do not receive the faith that would change their lives and of other people as well. Hannah begged God to end with her barrenness and she received the victory (1Samuel 1). What a blessing!

Those who listen to the Word and do not give importance to what they hear are truly dead, though they might be seen as faithful people. Those who uprooted from the Vine will be gathered and thrown in the fire (John 15:6).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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