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And the captain of the guard charged Joseph with them, and he served them; so they were in custody for a while.  Genesis 40:4

The saga of Joseph deserves a movie lasting dozens of hours, or a set of many films, seeing all that he suffered and had to go through to be prepared to save the world of those days, due to the famine that took millions of lives, was entirely worth everything.  We do not know why we must undergo or endure so many hardships but the Omnipotent in His wisdom, is justified as Master as we carry out the mission which was entrusted to us.

The work in Joseph started way back during his conception, seeing that his mother was barren.  It was as if she knew that from her she would bear a man that would save and help people as his legacy and mission.  His brother’s envy of him was justified by him, when he saw that everything that happened was for the preservation of life.  He gave no credit or importance to the panic or fear that struck him when he was thrown by his brothers in a dry well and was not holding resentment against them when he was sold as a slave.

In the home of Potiphar, if he had been lacking in faith or of weak mind he would have been drawn into temptation with the adulteress wife of the Pharaoh’s leading officer and would have “enjoyed the good life” according to the teachings of the evil world.  However, since he was a servant of God and bearing the fear of the Lord in his heart, this son of Jacob inherited from his father the character and the power to say no to error and to sin.  In this way, although he went to prison, he left prison to govern and to rule the greatest nation on earth in those days. Amen!

In jail, it was soon recognized that he was divinely anointed and in a short time he was the leader in that place where the convicted were taken to pay for their mistakes or to be recycled.  With his humanity he heard and interpreted dreams that the baker and the butler had dreamed, leaving both impressed and alarmed.  He told the butler he would get his job back; but he didn’t have anything good to reveal to the baker.

After he gave the butler the good news, Joseph asked him to intercede with the Pharaoh for his release.  Nevertheless, even having given his word, it took the butler two years to remember and tell the king that he had had a scary dream that nobody was able to interpret, but in jail, somebody had been able to give the correct meaning.  When he was summoned, Joseph correctly interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream and for this reason he was elevated to be the prime minister!

Don’t allow yourself to be taken or drawn in by the bad things that have happened to you but learn your lessons with the Lord through these experiences.  God is not preparing your for nothing, but so that one day you may take up your position in His will and plan.  The training is common to most but the learning you must take from the Word.  Keep on serving until your day comes and you then will see that it was worth being a servant during the entire process.  Live joyfully for Your Master is Jesus.

The captain of the guard had placed the baker and the butler to be served by Joseph.  He served them well and treated them kindly with his God-given gift. Having been charged with trying to seduce his master’s wife, he spent many years in jail, but on his departure he left to feed and give life to millions.  Joseph learned to do the good and he did so, how about you?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares 

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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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