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So Moses and Aaron were brought again to Pharaoh, and he said to them, “Go, serve the LORD your God. Who are the ones that are going?” Exodus 10:8

When the Pharaoh saw the dissatisfaction of his officials, who questioned him if he was the only one who was not aware of the destruction of Egypt, that leader felt that it was best to let the Israelites go. This always happens to men, although this was not the final decision. God had to harden the heart of this man one more time, so that he would wait for some time after the Hebrew people left, to then go after them. The Lord knows all things! 

However, when he called Moses and authorized them to leave, it´s possible to notice in Pharaoh´s words that he was not completely certain of what he was doing. When he questioned how many of them would leave, he was showing that his decision was not coming from the Lord. When he placed some restrictions, he wasn’t completely convinced that he would let the people go. Always wait for a sign that proves the work of God in your decision. Those who are wise know the right time to act.  

Since the king was not totally convinced as to authorizing the children of Jacob to leave, the Lord had to allow the locusts of the entire world to strike Egypt, because, that way, the pharaoh would see the price he had to pay for not obeying the commands of the Most High. The person with a wicked heart knows that their evil is the reason behind their problems, but, in a certain way, they believe they will overcome the struggle against the Almighty. That´s so absurd! 

I believe that, in the days leading up to the coming of those insects, there was an unimaginable procreation of the kind, because, what the hard-headed pharaoh was about to see was simply beyond what anyone could imagine. The cloud of these unstoppable devourers simply covered the face of the entire world, so that the land was darkened (v.15). For Pharaoh, this was wickedness from the God of the Hebrews, but where were his gods, that did nothing? The truth is that they could do nothing. Only the Lord is God! 

The land was darkened in that country because of the plague. All citizens knew that it was happening because of the Pharaoh´s stubbornness. That land was darkened with the arrival of the hungry army recruited by the Most High to teach a lesson to the rebellious monarch. When something comes from the Lord, being for good or for evil, it is very big, and those who are more experienced simply marvel. Our God is tremendous! 

There are services where we have seen many people be delivered of their evils. In 1980, in a stadium in Rio de Janeiro, I held a meeting where hundreds of people got rid of their hearing aids, waiving them up high to show that they had been healed. It´s so good to be able to bring the power of the heavenly Father to so many people. Isn´t it? My eyes have seen the glory of God throughout the Earth! 

We are coming to such a beautiful moment in the preaching of the Gospel, that people from all over the world will seek the God of miracles and, when they see Him in action, they will speak about Him to those that are ill, and thousands will come to Him. The best part is that the Lord will deliver them of their evil. Religion has failed completely; now, it’s time for the grace and Truth to operate. Amen? 

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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