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You have commanded us to keep Your precepts diligently. Psalm 119:4

The Lord has given His commandments for innumerous reasons. Some of them seem easy to be kept, others are a little more difficult, and there are some that are impossible, especially if we look through the eyes of the flesh, with natural understanding. Actually, God Himself put them wisely in an order to be observed by us, Christians, and without His wisdom, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill them.

When we understand a commandment, at that same instant we must pray to the Lord with all our heart, with tranquility, mild mannered, without making any random promises. Many times, when we make declarations to Him through emotions, later on, we recognize that we were mistaken. We need to cry out with an awareness of responsibility, weighing in on our words and striving to fulfill them completely, because God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7).  

According to the psalmist, who was guided by the Holy Spirit, we need to observe diligently the commandments of the Most High. We need to examine them thoroughly and obey them. It is not wise to allow emotions to guide our heart, because we don’t serve God with it, but with faith. According to Jesus, before we initiate a project, we need to verify if we have the means for it – faith, perseverance and firm decisions – , so that we can go to where the Father told us.

Those who don’t observe divine precepts on a daily basis will fall into sin. One must know that the demons grow in strength over those who are negligent (2 Kings 17:37), who will fear false gods, involving themselves in religious doctrines without any virtue. Those who do not observe the law of God will be judged accordingly – , death, banishment, confiscation of goods or imprisonment (Ezra 7:26). Examine your attitudes towards the Lord’s  commands.

If you live in a rush and claim not to have the time to observe the orientations from God, prepare yourself because the demons will attack you, even if you haven’t forgotten the divine promises (Psalm 119:61). Thus, you will constantly see yourself in trouble and things will not work out for you the way they should, diseases will arise and then you will not fulfill the Lord’s will the way you should, and many people will be deprived from salvation for the lack of testimony of deliverance that you never gave.

The Lord’s commandments are revelations given by Him in His Word. If you put your feet on the wrong path, you will be unable to observe the Word of God and its beauty, nor understand your power to participate in the wonderful work the Heavenly Father prepared for you to carry out. Great will be the benefit of those who stay away from the path of evil (Psalm 119:101). Therefore, do that.

There is no worth in religious observances or men’s traditions. The Pharisees were masters in religion, to the point of not eating anything until they cleansed themselves; however, the Master declared that the worshiped Him in vain (Matthew 15:8,9). It is possible that many are praying in vain, because they pay attention to what religion, a pastor or someone else says. Only the Lord deserves credit.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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