06/23/2018 - LISTEN TO LEARN

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Out of heaven He let you hear His voice, that He might instruct you; on earth He showed you His great fire, and you heard His words out of the midst of the fire.  Deuteronomy 4.36

What we understand in the Word is the voice of the Lord. It is virtuous and it fulfills what it announces. After man sinned, he could not listen to it any longer, so God spoke in a way that His creation would comprehend Him. The Lord is great and mighty, and no one has ever seen Him but the Son, who came to reconcile us with the Father. Not even Adam was able to see the Most High before his fall.

We must practice what we hear from the majestic voice of God, according to the right measure of our capacity, without any “side effects”. Adam and Eve hid as they heard His voice in the garden of Eden, because they knew of the power it has. However, today, since Jesus is our Mediator, there is no reason to fear it. On the contrary, we must be filled with courage and ask the Creator to speak more and more with us.

As we learn about the Word of Truth, we are enabled to take hold of everything that it teaches us. A person with good sense that learns something from the Lord, puts it into practice. Jesus did not talk to people without a reason, or so that they would consider if His instructions should be accepted or rejected. Our God never fails when He speaks to us and He comes at the right moment and for our good. Halleluiah!

The Lord’s works in our lives are diluted so that we do not suffer any harm. After all, since He is great, we would not be able to resist to His voice. There is no way how someone can listen to His voice, since He is the Consuming Fire, and remain alive. Therefore, He speaks according to our limits. When we take hold of His revelations, we become powerful, to the point of being called “gods” (John 10:34,35).

In midst of God’s actions, we listen to His voice. As we put His power into action by our faith, good things happen to our relatives, friends or anyone around us. This is our mission: to invoke the power that fulminates evil, casts out evil spirits, and makes people be born again. If we cease to believe in Scriptures and to proceed according to His teachings, we will sin against the Lord and our own lives. 

God desires to show you His great fire by doing wonders, so that you may listen to Him and learn to fulfill His will. Do not live as a religious person but a doer of the Word. This is the purpose of the Lord to His children. You can and must be a blessing, living in the wonderful environment that He prepares to you as He speaks. Do not be deceived with Satan’s lies, but be obedient to the Consuming Fire. 

Never be afraid to come close to the Lord. He always remembers that we are dust and speaks to us accordingly. Accept the tasks that the Master gives you without questioning Him. You will never find something more productive than the missions given by God. Be humble, holy, and complete in your faith in Jesus.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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