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10/10/2022 - A DESIRED HEART

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Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!   Deuteronomy 5.29

Nothing compares to the joy that the Lord feels toward the one who has the perfect heart. He will be met in all his needs, as this biblical text says: Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear (Psalm 10.17). The meek are those who are happy to yield to God’s will (Matthew 5.5). However, he who does this without joy needs to reconsider his demeanor.

David, the shepherd whose father was Jesse, was never going to be chosen to be king in Israel, because, being the eighth male child of that servant of God, he would have to wait for the first seven to pass away before his day arrived. However, as the Lord saw his conduct before everything and Him as well, He did not accept the logical indication of the prophet Samuel, and David was called to take part in the meeting (1 Samuel 16.1-13). Whoever pleases the Most High will never lose their blessing!

There will be no limit to the answers from Heaven for those who keep the commandments. Thus, they will become wise in everything, including prayer and receiving the Lord’s answer. Moses talks about this when mentioning God’s statutes: Therefore, be careful to observe them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these statutes, and say, ‘Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people (Deuteronomy 4.6). Believe, pray and live!

Lack of wisdom keeps us away from great achievements. However, whoever desires wisdom can ask the Lord for it, because He delights to answer His own (James 1.5). As we have seen, it will come when we keep God’s judgments. We will also receive understanding, for without it, we stumble and suffer with the onslaughts of the evil kingdom (Hosea 4.6), leading us to destruction. Why doesn’t man make the Lord happy, accepting Him as his Friend and Protector? Be vigilant!

Jesus summarized this issue, telling us how to act: He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him (John 14.21). He thus defined the attitude of many people: He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father’s who sent Me. (John 14.24).

He who does not keep the divine commandments has forgotten God and has abandoned fellowship with Him. Now, the enemy, seeing that you are not under the Lord’s real protection, will lead you to resent the Almighty. The Word states: “Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today (Deuteronomy 8.11). This is serious!

Pray for forgiveness for forgetting the Most High and not keeping what He has made you understand. Christ declared: “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him (John 14.23). Believe!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the perfect heart! We know what to do to live under Your rule. Help us to find, understand and keep Your plans with all our soul. We want to be under Your wings and Your great love!

We understand Your message and with Your help, we will accomplish the mission You have given us. Your love is indispensable for a life worthy of success and glory. We cannot distance ourselves from You not even for a minute. We need to be useful in Your work. To You be the glory!

May this understanding be in our earthly and spiritual families. Your guidance comes at the right time, for often we have grumbled without understanding why we went wrong. But now we know how to proceed. Forgive us and help us to be Your faithful servants!



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