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13/07/2019 - A HEAVENLY GRANT

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And He said, “Therefore I have said to you that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.” John 6:65

One day, Jesus talked about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, as the only alternative to having life. What comes out of the Savior’s mouth is the absolute truth, for He is the Truth. We must never disagree with the Lord, because there is no flaw in His statements. We will do well if we give Him full attention. But only those called by the Lord can do that.

The Jews were terrified and soon began to speak wrong of the Master, as it is today even among the believers. One way to go against the divine plan is to say that even Christ did this, said that and behaved in a certain way. When man criticizes the Savior, or the Most High´s purpose, he is certainly astray. Those who belong to the Lord have no problem listening to Him and believing in His Word.

Jesus opened his heart, saying that only those led by the Father go to Him. There have always been those who rise against God´s will, proving they don’t have the Holy Spirit due to their attitudes typical of unregenerate souls. The new birth is completed by the work of the Spirit in the life of one who is summoned and brought to the Savior. Pay more attention to this fact!

As they heard Master speak, many of those who considered themselves His disciples understood that His speech was harsh and asked who would be able to follow Him. They were still on the same level as the Jews, who clung to the Law of Moses and didn´t accept Jesus, thus, continuing in their sins. It´s so sad to despise the Son of God!

The disciples murmured about the Savior’s words because they were not yet prepared. What He said shocked them. Beware! Do not side with the devil nor rebel against divine decisions. Otherwise, your part will be like that of Judas Iscariot, who was a thief and became the Master´s traitor. He could have been a blessing!

Why be offended by Truth? He who believes incorrectly has no shame declaring himself insulted by the Lord’s actions. He does not understand the Word but wants to be with God. There is no contradiction within the Most High. Whoever does not gather with Him scatters abroad (Matthew 12:30). See if the spirit of rebellion dwells in your heart; if so, seek heavenly help in order to receive salvation.

That which comes from man has no use for the Kingdom of God, though man feels he is the only one acting right and with a godly countenance. The Holy Spirit gives life to those who believe according to the Scriptures. The words of the Lord are spirit and life (John 6:63). There is only one way to be saved: through Jesus.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of life-giving words! We must abide in Your holy presence, because  the devil does everything to get us out of salvation. May Your mercies cover us and keep us within Your will!

If the flesh is useless, we must refuse everything that comes from it. We want to have You as Lord, Savior, Protector and the One who sends us to give the lost the chance to convert.

We must eat Your flesh and drink Your blood! Your objective must be known and lived. Only then will we have life in us. Let us see how You are and live as You wish. Amen!


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