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08/09/2022 - A NEW STORY

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Jotham was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Jerushah the daughter of Zadok.                                                                                        2 Chronicles 27.1

Uzziah reigned for 55 years. He served God, being an example of how every shepherd should behave before his people. However, as we have already seen, he let himself be led by a feeling contrary to the Law of the Lord, and therefore, evil: to burn incense to Him. We will probably never meet a human being who has not said or done something bad; however, when we confess and leave our mistakes, we are forgiven (Proverbs 28.13).

Jotham, son of Uzziah and Jerushah, was 25 years old when he began to reign after his father’s death. For 16 years he was in charge of Jerusalem. Later on, we will study his life and work, but we will see, in this message, that God always has someone to replace those who considers themselves to be the best, thinking that they can disregard the divine commandment. Now, when we keep His statutes, we love Him, and He also loves us (John 14.21).

Without God’s love acting on our behalf, we are open to the operations of the evil one. Soon, suffering catches us. We were not created to be possessed by the forces of evil, but to know our Father and see Him at work in us at all times. Those who understand the Lord’s plan and follow it enjoy the best of this life (Isaiah 1.19,20). This is important!

When you know Christ, His love dwells in your being. Never be an instrument to cause harm to the church, to yourself, or to those around you, including your spouse. They will not feel loved by you. Many people, even those in love, use their spouse. Now, when someone is full of divine love, he cares for his better half and fights for them to convert, making them a citizen of Heaven.

Take the case of Saul of Tarsus, who thought he loved the Creator, but persecuted our brethren in the early Church, taking them captives to Jerusalem. He consented to Stephen’s death, the first martyr of Christ’s Church (Acts 26.9-11). When Jesus showed Himself to Saul on the road to Damascus, Saul converted, changed his name, and became the servant of God who paid one of the highest prices for serving the Master. His reward will be great!

Jotham sat down on the throne of the Lord to reign, writing a new story. You came to Christ to be a minister of the New Testament, a witness to Him (2 Corinthians 3.6). So, what are you doing in and for God’s work? Do you live only thinking about what the world offers or do you dedicate yourself in prayer, fasting and worship to know the calling of the Most High? Before God, we are all responsible!

What part of the Gospel story are you writing? Your actions – good or bad – are part of the eternal record of the Church. If you did something wrong and got right with Him by confessing your wrongdoing, your sins are forgiven and erased. But if you have not repented of them, your name will be removed from the book of the saved (Revelation 3.5; 20.12,15). What is your choice?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of good choice! We thank You for showing us the Truth and leading us along the Way, Jesus. We want to be an eternal part of the group that does Your will, and not that of the evil one. Have mercy on the wicked!

Jotham became king in the place of his father, Uzziah, who did not rule his heart and was willing to exceed boundaries, so he became a leper. It may be that we have also done bad things, so we come to You to confess and truly repent of our mistakes!

Help us to understand what Your Spirit is telling us! In no way do we wish to be outside the group of the saved. Lord, don't stop speaking to us, night and day about the work we do in You. We need to change and be Your witnesses. Amen!



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