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15/05/2019 - A NIGHT IN PRAYER

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And when He had sent them away, He departed to the mountain to pray.  Mark 6:46

What would be of us if Jesus had not done things the way He should? He came to set us an example in all things. Whoever follows His teachings and works will certainly succeed. We must study the various subjects contained in the Word of God, asking the Almighty to make us understand them. Thus, we will follow His ways, doing what will help our lives and the lives of other people. 

At that time, the day would end at dusk, and since there were no light on the roads and there were wild animals everywhere, people had to go home before nightfall. So the Master commanded His disciples to get on the boat and go to Bethsaida, for He would stay to send the multitude away. Jesus did this by himself. When they had all left and He was alone in that place, He went up to the mountain to pray to the Father.

Perhaps, the last to go away were the nearby residents, because those who had come from far away took off first. I think the Master, because He was good, listened to people without saying that God would soon bless them. However, He blessed them with calm and tranquility. This is an example we must follow. We cannot deceive anyone, for the Lord can use us.

Christ knew that it was very important to speak to the Father about the events of that day: of His teachings and the multiplication of the loaves and fish that fed the multitude. After a meeting of faith, we have a lot to talk to God, as well as after conveying a word to someone in need or praying in favor for them. 

There were five thousand men, plus women and children. It is estimated that there were about 20,000 people – or perhaps only half of that. Still, the fact that five loaves and two fish fed ten thousand people would already be a miracle. That which needs to be done, but is beyond our ability, but somehow is fulfilled, surely is a heavenly work. We must be in good terms with the Most High to see Him do something and for us to do something good as well.

We do not know how long Jesus spent in prayer, but it must have come near nine hours. What did He speak to the Father during this long period, or what did He hear from God during their holy conversation? Well, most certainly the Master heard what would be good for us. I believe that the explanation for us not to be used like our Example was lies in the fact that we lack dialogue with the Most High. Mercy!

Let us examine the following: it´s not the lack of long prayers and communion with God the reason for us to not be used as Christ was, but actually the fact that we don´t believe in Him. Jesus said: If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes (Mark 9:23). This is a conscious action that leads us to the holy place where the fire burns and the bush is not consumed. The power of the fire to consume is taken away and one can walk through it, without the smell of smoke remaining in us! Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, who hears and answers prayers! Why have we not had good moments in Your presence, where we would learn to do what You want? This is what keeps us from having the resources to do Your work. Mercy!

Jesus said that You always heard Him. Can we say the same thing? Why don’t we have in our ministry, the same works performed in that of Your Son? We cannot preach that all things are possible, but see the impossible taking place only in the life of others!

Teach us to go up the mountain of prayer, to come before You and open our heart. Thus, Your presence will envelop us and cause us to seek You. Bring to light the same wonders wrought in the days of Your Son. Amen!


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