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04/01/2023 - A SECRET MESSAGE

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Now Elijah took his mantle, rolled it up, and struck the water; and it was divided this way and that, so that the two of them crossed over on dry ground.    2 Kings 2.8

What did Elijah do with his cloak – the anointing he possessed? He took it and folded it before Elisha’s eyes. What did that mean in the heart of his pupil? Surely, that good attitude of the prophet made his replacement understand something important. He would need to obtain the double anointing to accomplish the same things that his master did and even greater things. Claim what you feel when you read the Word, for it is blessing.

They were in the problem together and could not act naturally, for they served the Almighty. Their position should also serve as a lesson. They both believed the Scriptures, but Elijah was still in charge. We need to stand with our Master in difficult situations and wait for His commands. Surely, we will want to see divine power in action.

Without Jesus, we can do nothing (John 15.5c). However, only those who live at His feet learn to put into practice the same works that He did in His earthly ministry. Nothing can keep us from being a blessing to our generation except the deceitfulness of wealth, the worries of this life, and the desires for other things (Mark 4.19). Believe in Jesus and let Him use you!

Take your cloak, for it has power, and fold it! You will be able to do this in the consecrations and prayers that you will make after you understand your rights. This communion with the Word is very important. The Gospel brings opportunities to those who are really with the Lord. He wants to give you the chance to double the anointing that is already on your life and on all converts!

The devil has led some people to desire to return to the past, when they lived in darkness and did not fear God. They secretly paint pictures in their hearts and lie that they have already been washed by the blood of the Lamb, but they do not repent (Ezekiel 8.5-18). Yes, our sins separate us from the Almighty, and we and all mankind suffer (Isaiah 59.1,2). Our call is to follow the Lord, and not the spirit of error. Mercy!

With his cloak symbolizing the double anointing, Elijah struck the waters, and they parted into two bands. As long as you don’t have a real encounter with God, His work will be paralyzed because of you. If Elijah had not folded his cloak nor struck the waters, they would not have parted. Nobody is to blame for you not being used by the Most High! Go to the Lord’s feet and confess, repent and follow His guidance.

The result of Elijah’s act alongside Elisha caused them both to pass dry. The river opened, and the sons of the prophets saw that God is the same. Focus on fulfilling God’s will! The devil will lead you to make the worst decision if you are not in Jesus and He in you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of holy teaching! In the face of temptations, we must act differently from men. Let us be humble and submissive servants to You! The faith we receive from hearing Your Word makes us overcome the battles.

Let us take the anointing and fold the cloak! These actions seem simple, but are only possible with Your help. We pray that You alone will lead us! Deliver us from ourselves, for we are evil. Without You, we can do nothing. Help us!

The waters need to be struck, but how? Therefore, we bow before You, Father! Those who do nothing to obey You are sinning. This must not happen to us. Our love and fellowship with You must be pure and productive. Forgive us!


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