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18/09/2020 - A SIGN TO JERUSALEM

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Set up the standard toward Zion. Take refuge! Do not delay! For I will bring disaster from the north, And great destruction. Jeremiah 4:6

The Most High’s concern for His people is commendable; at all times, He works for us. By ordering the flag to be raised as an alert for Zion, the Lord demonstrates that he does not want to harm His people, who, if they hear and will, will eat the best of this land (Is 1:19). We know, however, that Adam’s sin upset the divine plan to be a blessing and, because of that, we started to walk towards death.

The Father’s love for humanity needs to be understood. You see, sin interfered with human programming, making it a tool for the devil to fulfill his perverted will. Some kill without mercy; others consider that they were born in a wrong body, not respecting the unity of the trinity that exists in man – soul, body and spirit. Each of these parts was created perfectly by the Lord.

Jesus received in Himself all the iniquity resulting from the entrance of death – the nature of the devil – into the world. Therefore, whatever is wrong can be made right in Christ. This is one of the purposes of preaching the Gospel and the power we have received in baptism with the Holy Spirit. In calling someone to work in His Kingdom, God invests him with authority to represent Him in the same way that Jesus did in His earthly days.

The Savior declared that we received the same glory bestowed on Him (John 17:22), so we are God’s authorities to do good, never evil. Whoever surrenders to the Most High to fulfill His purpose, in addition to receiving greater assistance from Him, will have his reward in eternity for having chosen Him. Our message to everyone is: run for salvation in Christ, because everything is ready!

Those who understand the divine order cannot stop. On their journey, they will be tested, as there will be those who try to stop them from carrying out their mission. But this is part of the training. Therefore, never hate the person used to teach you to be an approved worker. Believe me, you were also used to prepare it.

The evil coming from the North will corrupt many, but because you are educated, you will escape the cunning of this evil onslaught. Wake up! From the day you started obeying God, He has been teaching you for your salvation and that of your family. Do not deny the Lord the right to qualify you for the work, or you will fall by the way. Be sensitive to His voice!

Let the Master make you so strong, that the great destruction does not touch you. Then, the strength of the evil one will bow before his rising in the Name of Jesus. It doesn’t matter if Hell invests against your life; Whoever is in you is greater than the realm of evil. God is with you, and that is the most important thing!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, who delivers us from destruction! How good and perfect You are in what you do. You are the greatest in every way, so we thank You. How can we not see You walking on the “waters” in the storm that came to destroy us?

Thank you for being our Father and leading us on the right paths. With this protection, the devil's plan will not prosper. As a Master, You will teach us, and we will win the struggles.

Forgive us for acting in a worldly way, refusing the lessons and hating whoever was used to help us to be who You have determined. How will we overcome temptations if we do not learn from You? Help us, Father!


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