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21/12/2018 - A WISE DECISION

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Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O Lord God of truth. Psalm 31:5

We are a being consisting of three parts – spirit, body and soul – which have to be entirely preserved for God, or else we will have problems during our journey here.  If we leave so much as one of them unattended we will be led into a state of rebellion.  If you do not want to have any problems during Judgment, watch out and preserve yourself, surrendering entirely to the Lord.

To commit your spirit to God means to dedicate it to the Most High.  If you are treated by Him who is perfect, pure and holy, you will be a model servant in His hands.  However, if kept and guarded by you alone, at any given moment, you will not know how to proceed so that it be subject to you (1Corinthians 14:32). Then you will do things that will remove you from the Truth and place you under the command of the evil one. 

In the verse here in question, David spoke as a prophet concerning something that the Lord would do only a thousand years later: by the blood that He shed he would redeem men from the fall.  All those who were redeemed must surrender their spirit to the Only one who knows how to deal with the problems of humanity.  Being God, Christ found himself in the form of man, but lived free from the errors and lustfulness which lead man to live in utter ruin.

The people who completely ignore the Lord need to submit to Him; after all, if one is not born again, they will not see the Kingdom of Heaven nor will they enter into it.  Whoever does not surrender their spirit, so that the Omnipotent protects them, will never taste His eternal love.  David wrote this beautiful Psalm by order of the Holy Spirit, because the Most High wanted us to know how to conduct ourselves.

Nobody who is saved doubts the work done in his favor, because when he was redeemed he experienced unimaginable sense of freedom.  Those who do not yet understand this, certainly were not saved nor touched by the Holy Spirit. Zacchaeus was touched to see Jesus and receive Him in his home, but only when he confessed what the Word said did true salvation come to him and his household.

The Lord is the only God, and what He declares must be accepted completely. Those who choose only parts of the message of Christ to believe have yet to be saved, equal to a child yet being formed in the maternal womb.  There will never be doubts in  the heart of those who have undergone real transformation produced by salvation in one who accepts Jesus as Savior.  This person is made to be a new creature in Him. 

Take the opportunity to have your spirit recreated.  Without it you will not enjoy peace in this life or in eternity.  Now, if you are already saved, commit your spirit in to the hand of the Most High.  Then you will know the meaning of walking with Him and how your journey will be after having made the wisest decision. 

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our redemption! How can anyone refuse the opportunity to experience the new birth – the entry gate to Your Kingdom.  Here we are to say how much we want to be redeemed of our sins.  We accept Your offer!

Because we know that the blood of Jesus has the power to wash us fully and purify us from all our sins, You will lead us to live as true sons and daughters that please You in all things. 

We want to please You and spread to all people the most perfect Message they can receive of Your goodness and Your love.  You are the God of Truth. You have given us the possibility to be delivered.  We are thankful and grateful to know You!


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