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Let Your mercies come also to me, O LORD— Your salvation according to Your word. Psalm 119:41

An important step for us to have God´s presence is to seek divine precepts, for they will give us wisdom. As we look at such precepts – small rules of the Kingdom of Heaven – like the commandments, the outcome is big. The rebels, or those who still haven´t learned how good and productive it is to walk in fellowship with the Most High, deprive themselves of His best. 

Those who obey the Omnipotent can ask to be vivified through His justice. Many centuries before Jesus came to the world and give us life, the author of Psalm 119 felt that he could cry out for his own vivification because he had observed divine ordinances, which lead us receive the Most High´s protection. He would never give us useless guidance, for He is good and faithful! 

Besides vivification, the servant that observes the Father´s declarations and loves to do His will, must also ask for the divine mercies; after all, they are the reason why we are not consumed (Lamentations 3:22). This undeserving favor from the One who is love leads us to avoid evil consequences originated in our transgressions. There are no limits for us to use the heavenly mercies, for God has declared His willingness to grant them to us and make us His children. 

The psalmist still added that salvation would catch up to him, according to the Word. Now, he knew that what comes out from the Lord´s mouth does not come back empty, so he would have his request answered. Always believe the Most High, for He would never say something for us to sin and withdraw our salvation. He is so zealous, He has drawn us closer to His purpose. Believe in His love and live! 

To disregard what Scriptures declare about you is to declare one does not trust in the Most High. Woe to those who do this! When their life comes to an end, besides not having enjoyed the Father´s love, they will live unhappy throughout eternity. He who does not believe God has made Him a liar ( 1 John 5:10b). Don´t let the devil guide your life; if so, Hell will be your fate. 

To trust in the Word is to clothe yourself with mercy and heavenly love, which are immeasurable. Therefore, devote yourself to fulfill divine plan and resist sin.  Those who are steadfast in the heavenly guidance please the Lord in such a way, that He will spare no efforts to keep you away from the devil´s plans. The Lord only speaks the Truth which will last forever. To whom will you entrust your life? 

One cannot stop serving the One who only wants our well being and is willing to help us 24/7.  If we walk in His ways, no evil shall befall us. If we pay heed to the Word, evil will stay away from us. Our decision must stand with the Father. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Merciful Lord! Teach us to fulfill Your precepts. Thus, we will always live happy. Furthermore, we will be intelligent. It´s wonderful to walk with You! Sad are those who are far from You! 

We don´t want to be rebels. Your grace will guide us to Heaven, delivering us from all temptations and works of the enemy. You are a true Father who care for our well-being. 

What comes out of Your mouth does not return empty; it becomes true. Help´us to love and obey You, so that Your mercy may come upon us. We are certain that You will never fail!


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