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For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.  Romans 8:5

You show whether or not you walk in God’s presence by what happens in your daily life, such as how you react when facing problems. Also, the way you dress, where you live, and what you do at your leisure time also reveal a lot about your life. If there is no sign of something from the Lord in your daily life, you certainly live in the flesh, and the outcome of your actions is disappointing to the Most High, for everything that is of the flesh has no value to Him. The question is: where are you heading to? 

The example Jesus gave us is of the utmost importance, for He Himself testified that He only acted according to the guidance of the Father. We do not have to learn from others, but only from Him. We need to read the Bible more, meditate on its teachings and practice it; otherwise we will never fulfill the divine will. So let us follow the revelations of the Scriptures and please our Lord.

Whoever really wants to do the work of God has to live the Word all the time. There is no other way to please the Omnipotent, except by living according to the Scriptures. Our will should not prevail, but rather what He reveals to us. That way, what we do will thrive, and in a blink of an eye we will be blessed just as Jesus was while He was on Earth. We need to be gentle to serve the Lord.

You will fall to whichever side you lean to. The person who gives in to the flesh does not please God. Then, when you examine your behavior, you will see that all was in vain; a waste of your precious time. In turn, the one who obeys the Word discovers that his efforts to live within the biblical precepts have been good, since his acts of faith have been confirmed by the power from on High. Thus, this person has treasured up for the future.

Those who submit to the Holy Spirit rejoice the Lord. Therefore, they perceive that their determinations have produced the same things that those of the Lord Jesus produced. An example of this was when He put His fingers in the ears of the deaf and declared: Ephphatha, that is, Be opened, and that man began to hear (Mark 7: 32-35). Why surrender to the flesh, if everything that is bad comes from it? Whoever acts in this way wastes time.

Jesus followed the guidance of the Father and gave us the example of how to act in order to obtain the same results. Now begin to seek in the Lord the right way to believe, to determine, and to walk under His gaze. Then, you will see that He will answer your prayers, just as He did in relation to His Son, our Savior. God will be on your side if you obey Him!

The Most High will help you to lean only to His Spirit and seek Him with all your heart. Thus, you will always feel His presence. Despise everything that comes from the flesh, because the will of the devil is behind it. Alongside God, you will be supported by Him in all your needs. The Almighty will be with you!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! As we turn to You, we will overcome the struggles and the problems. We have been called by You to be people who please You. Open the Scriptures to us; thus, we will know what Your will is!

We cannot live in the flesh, for it has no profit. We must live in Your Spirit so that we will not have anything to regret. Give us Your direction and we will satisfy ourselves in serving You truly!

From now on, we will only practice Your teachings, for we cannot give our time for useless things. We want to give You the true place in our life. Thank You, Lord!


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